REPORT: ISIS Issues Horrifying Threat

Terror attacks are becoming increasingly common throughout the world.  Many people are living in fear that the next terrorist attack could be in their town, and new information reveals just how real this threat is.

According to Free Beacon, ISIS is using a media app to transmit messages to one another, warning people associated with their group in other countries to avoid public places.  They are passing this message along with an app called Telegram. The messages are clear — they want to keep their members out of public spaces so that they can hurt or kill more people who are not associated with their radical group. All the while, innocent people are left in the dark.

Messages have been discovered that were sent to the United States, Russia, Canada, France, and the United Kingdom. They all have the same cryptic readings that insinuate coming attacks.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) revealed that the message read that they need “to remove themselves from public places that are prime targets for ISIS fighters.” People should not have to live in fear over radicals, but when messages like this are being passed off, it is understandable that people are going to be concerned.

MEMRI confirmed that ISIS is threatening to, “explode, run over people by vehicles, and cut off their necks,” according to the intercepted messages. None of this behavior is new for the radical Islamists.

Early this year, terrorists crashed cars through crowds of people in London. Instead of addressing the issue at hand, political leaders told the people of England that there was, essentially, nothing to worry about.

This cycle of ignoring terrorist threats is exactly why these groups have been allowed to grow unchecked. In fact, it is also why people voted for President Trump here in the United States. Smart Americans want a tougher stance on terrorism.

Former President Barack Obama was too afraid to start any conflict with ISIS, despite their threats and attacks. President Trump said from the start that he was not going to tolerate that kind of behavior. He even offered to help the Middle East eradicate the threat so that everyone can finally have some peace of mind.

The message from Telegram is kind of choppy, but the meaning is clear. It reads, “Get far away from the gathering places of the Crusaders before the Military places from their markets, way, and Parkings.”

It doesn’t end there, either. The message continues by stating that, “All of these places are Targets for the Soldiers of the Caliphate and we will explode, Run over people by vehicles and Cut off their necks anytime. [sic]”

It seems that we are being put in a position where we are going to have to be prepared to stand up for ourselves when the time comes.

These terrorists are not going to back down, and they will continue fighting against the Western world and anyone who does not see eye to eye with their radical beliefs.

ISIS has issued a dire warning to all of us. Do you think they’re serious?

Sadly, there are innocent people tied into this that have been indoctrinated into believing the words of these radicals as gospel. For many of them it is too late to turn back, so now all we can do is prepare, watch, and wait to see what happens next with ISIS.