BREAKING: ISIS Commits Horrifying Crime, Look Who They Targeted

The world is witnessing the last gasps of ISIS as their numbers dwindle. The pressure is building up, and now the Islamic extremists have chosen a surprising new enemy.

In Afghanistan, ISIS fighters decided to target themselves, according to The Daily Caller. In the Eastern sector of Afghanistan, there are beheadings taking place amongst the terrorist organization. This news is shocking and gives insight into the mentality of these extremists.

The news came from Attaullah Khogyani, a spokesman for the governor of Nangarhar. He claimed that 15 beheaded ISIS members were stirring up internal conflicts within the terrorist group.

Beheadings are common amongst members of ISIS. They often cut the heads off of their enemies — or prisoners of war. In fact, ISIS has released numerous videos of themselves committing this atrocious act.

Khogyani went on to talk about how the members of ISIS were murdered in Surkh Ab bazaar in Nangarhar, a sliver of Afghanistan that borders Pakistan, and is also home to much of the activity taking place in ISIS.

According to Newsweek, this is not the first time that the terrorist group murdered their own people. They have previously executed their members in Syria and Iraq. In most of those cases, the deaths occurred after people in the group were accused of working with the enemy, or after attempting to escape the Islamic State.

ISIS has shrunk in both Syria and Iraq after losing battles on multiple fronts. However, they continue to occupy territory in Afghanistan. They seized the opportunity when the US and other Westernized countries tried to overthrow the Taliban — and left the country in near shambles.

During the same day that the 15 ISIS members were beheaded, a suicide bomber attacked Jalalabad and killed a total of eight people. No group took responsibility for the suicide bombing, but the behavior certainly followed the pattern of ISIS.

President Donald Trump is working on taking out ISIS in Afghanistan so that their already-dwindling numbers can be further crippled. The military now has more freedom than ever to seek out these individuals and take them out before they hurt more innocent people.

The President has even given the military permission to target drug labs operated by the terrorist organization. It is believed that a majority of these groups’ funding comes from cultivating poppy seeds and producing drugs, which they sell for a profit.

Many consider it a success that the number of ISIS members is dropping in the first year that President Trump has been in office. Some military analysts are suggesting that ISIS is on the run at this point, and in their final moments, are hoping to take out as many people as possible.

As long as the group continues to take out their own people, and President Trump keeps the green light on for the military, it is expected that ISIS’ numbers will drop rapidly over the coming years. This victory is something that the American people have been waiting for, and it has been years in the making.