URGENT: ISIS Announces New Target On U.S. Soil

The international terrorist organization ISIS is not known for its humanitarianism. This is evidenced by the fact that the group wants to re-victimize people already suffering in this county.

According to CNBC, on September 11th, a Twitter account that has been conclusively linked to ISIS tweeted out threats to Washington, D.C., New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Las Vegas, and Miami. Another document linked to group mentioned targeting hurricane relief centers in the wake of Harvey and Irma.

The Twitter account posted a chilling warning:  There are “a lot of opportunities for the Soldiers of Islamic state to target, the Question is When?”

The ISIS document sunk even lower by telling its “lone wolf” jihadists to single out relief centers.

“To all the (lone mujahids) in the U.S. (warrior), pop down to Houston and drop in at any of the relief centers housing displaced people from the Houston floods, make sure to bring lots of supplies/gadgets/toys to see if you can help put any (unbeliever) out of their misery.”

Writing in Arabic, another ISIS “soldier” wrote: “A historic hurricane will hit Florida, especially the city of Miami soon.”  Such an event would provide a perfect opportunity for a terror attack.

This writer concluded his screed with a smiley face emoji.

Because of these threats, law enforcement officials in the cities named have stepped up precautions against the possibility of “lone wolf” attacks.

As ISIS has shown in the past, they are quite capable of committing acts of terror across Europe and the United States.

On Friday, an 21-year-old man detonated a device on the London Underground that injured eleven people. Fortunately, the IED did not completely detonate, thus saving the lives of many commuters.

ISIS quickly took responsibility for the attack.

ISIS’ shift towards a more traditional, Al-Qaeda-like terror network may have something to do with their defeats on the battlefields of Libya, Syria, and Iraq.

Earlier this summer, ISIS lost its main city in Iraq when Iraqi Army troops, Shi’ite militia fighters, Kurdish Peshmerga forces, and Coalition planes retook Mosul. Following this defeat, the Iraqi Army took Tal Afar, that last ISIS stronghold in the country.

In Syria, ISIS is being beaten by both the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Syrian Arab Army, which is loyal to President Bashar al-Assad.

The SAA recently broke a three-year siege of the eastern city of Deir el-Zour, thus cutting ISIS’ forces in two. The SAA’s recent gains against ISIS and the rebels have made it obvious that Assad will stay in power, and furthermore, it seems that the Syrian Civil War has already been won.

To the north,  the US-backed SDF, which is a coalition of Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, Yazidi, and Turkmen militias, is close to taking the city of Raqqa, which is ISIS’ international capital.

While reports have indicated that ISIS is now interested in regrouping in Libya, the group’s stronghold in Benghazi recently fell to government forces after a multi-year campaign.

ISIS may be losing its empire, but its demonic followers can still cause terror campaigns in the West.