BREAKING: Iran Issues Jaw-Dropping Threat to Trump

Former President Obama has tied the hands of the Trump administration preventing them from dealing with recent provocations by the Iranian regime.

Top Iranian officials are threatening to “act decisively” against the United States after the Senate voted agreed to impose new sanctions on the Islamic regime. Iranian officials are accusing President Trump of violating the Obama-era Iran deal. They promise to retaliate and claim that America “will be harmed,”  The Washington Free Bacon reported.

Obama drafted the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with the other permanent members of the United Nation Security Council. The agreement lifted sanctions against Iran, assuming they would roll back their nuclear program.

The JCPOA lifted billions of dollars in sanctions against Iran, renewing investment in the country while allowing them to trade their massive oil and natural gas reserves.

In exchange, the Iranian government agreed to reduce nuclear enrichment capacity and to stop enriching Uranium beyond civilian needs. The country also agreed to submit to frequent and extensive inspections from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

However, Obama’s promise of on-demand inspections has not come true, and the Iranian government has been able to resist multiple investigations.

Additionally, the agreement heavily restricts the actions of future administrations, and any sanctions against Iran–or even encouraging other nations to impose sanctions–could be considered a violation of the agreement by Iran.

Trump was extremely critical of the Iranian nuclear deal during the presidential campaign, and he has publicly stated that he thinks Iran is in violation of the international agreement. Trump is expected to withdraw from the agreement if the Iranian government continues to block IAEA inspections.

The Senate voted late last month to impose new sanctions on North Korea, Russia, and Iran. Iran considers these sanctions a violation of the JCPOA and have promised to retaliate against the United States and impose their own sanctions against our country. Additionally, Iranian officials warn that “such acts will isolate [us] in the world.”

The Iranian government has been escalating tensions by defiantly continuing tests of their ballistic missile program. The JCPOA did not restrict the Islamic nation from testing ballistic missiles. However, the purpose of the international agreement was to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Their continued weapon testing flies in the face of the international agreement.

A central criticism of the JCPOA is that the agreement only limits Iran’s nuclear weapon development for about ten years. Iran is free to develop associated technologies during the next decade reducing their “breakout time” after the agreement ends.

“Breakout time” is the time required to produce one functioning nuclear weapon. Iran is almost capable of producing their own nuclear warheads. Unless we act fast the Islamic regime will be able to produce functioning nuclear weapons immediately after the JCPOA restrictions come to a close.

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