RED ALERT: Iran Issues Horrifying Announcement, It’s Getting Ugly

There are people who fear the nation of Iran soon engaging in war. If that is the case, the United States will likely be forced to get involved.

Amidst all of the other issues going on in the Middle East, Iran has once again become the center of attention. The issue that many people, including President Donald Trump, have with Iran is that they are violating a core term of the nuclear deal arranged by former-President Obama. Iran has publically refused to stop working on their ballistic missile program according to The Washington Examiner.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani made it clear that Iran has no intentions of ceasing their missile program. This statement in and of itself goes against the nuclear deal that former-President Obama had in place.

The speech that Rouhani made took place in the Iranian Parliment. He claimed that working on ballistic missiles doesn’t transgress any international laws or deals made with the United States and several other countries.

“Understand that we have been building missiles and will continue to do so and this does not contradict any of international laws and it is not in conflict with Resolution 2231,” Rouhani said. This is causing alarm in countries surrounding Iran, as the idea of missile tests in the region could directly impact them.

Rouhani continued, “We will continue to defend our national interests and security with all our might, and the enemies should know that violation of any agreement will be detrimental to them, and the Islamic Republic of Iran will give them a decisive answer.”

To many people, those sound like words meant to incite war. It’s a blatant disregard for peaceful resolutions that several nations have been striving for.

President Trump has expressed his disdain for the nuclear deal on many occasions.  At one point he expressed his point to the fullest by calling the Iran nuclear deal, the “worst deal ever.”

Rouhani then took his statements to the next level by claiming that by not being okay with Iran building missiles, the US was essentially demonstrating a lack of good faith. This statement came after President Trump decertified the nuclear deal.

“The administration of a country that abandons international commitments of the previous administration is not reliable,” Rouhani stated. He continued, “Today, the Americans are sending messages of readiness for negotiation to some East Asian countries; are they crazy to negotiate with you? You are explicitly violating your previous agreements and neglecting a UN Security Council-approved agreement.”

Iran announced they have no plans to stop producing ballistic missiles. Will you pray for peace in the Middle East?

This sounds almost as if he is blaming the United States for their failure to comply with the rules. They also seem to be testing President Trump in the same way that North Korean’s dictator Kim Jong-un did.

It is hard to say whether or not Israel plans on acting on their promise to shut down Iran with nuclear force. But if they do, it could lead to utter devastation and likely US involvement. This scenario is being monitored by military experts close to President Trump.