BREAKING: Iran Gets Terrifying News, This Is Massive

The turmoil in the Middle East seems never to end. It looks now like the conflict is going to get very violent, very fast.

Israel has officially confirmed that they are more than willing to resort to military action to ensure that Iran never gets their hands on nuclear weapons. According to Reuters, the intelligence minister stated Thursday in Japan that he wants to get President Donald Trump on his side and help build tougher rules and regulations on Tehran.

This news comes as President Trump is urging Congress to act within their 60-day window on the Iran nuclear deal, put in place by former-President Obama. President Trump has expressed his disdain for the deal on numerous occasions.

Intelligence Minister Israel Katz stated in an interview: “If international efforts led these days by US President Trump don’t help stop Iran attaining nuclear capabilities, Israel will act militarily by itself.”

Considering the President’s dislike for the agreement, it is likely that he will do something about the nuclear deal if Congress refuses to act. This would not be the first issue that Congress has failed to act on this year, and sadly, might not even be the last.

Katz went on to say, “There are changes that can be made (to the agreement) to ensure that they will never have the ability to have a nuclear weapon.” Essentially, that is the concern and also the goal.

Many think that Iran is working on nuclear weapons capabilities despite clear prohibitions from doing so outlined in the deal. This is causing folks to become concerned over their safety — Israel included.

Israel has taken action before without the consent of their superpower ally, the United States. Some of their previous actions include air strikes on what they thought were nuclear reactors in Syria in 2007, and before that in Iraq as far back as 1981.

The concern here is that if they were to strike against Iran, a counterattack could be waiting for them. If that happens, the US may be forced to step in, and things could get messy. A war could result that would cause more US troops to be sent overseas, which, many believe would be unpalatable to the American people given the nation’s prolonged entanglement in the Middle East.

On the other hand, Israel’s threat could cause Congress to act and impose the necessary sanctions to stop Iran in its tracks. The only concern would be the effect sanctions would have on relations between the  US and other European allies.

Israel has declared they are prepared to take military action if Iran acquires nuclear weapons. Should Iran be worried?

Japan seems ready to step-up and help should things get messy. Their reasoning is simple — the US has their back when it comes to North Korea, who are presently shooting missiles over sovereign Japanese territory. They need allies, as does the US. It is a matter of mutual benefit.

Katz clarified, “I asked the Japanese government to support steps led by President Trump to change the nuclear agreement.” It appears terms are being worked so as to figure out what needs to happen next. The goal is to end this with diplomacy, not force.