BREAKING: Iran Just Gave Trump Bad News – Please Pray

While all attention is focused on rising tensions in North Korea, the Islamic regime of Iran is stepping up their military capabilities as well.

General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, the commander of the aerospace division of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, released a series of threatening statements aimed at the United States over the weekend. The Iranian General announced that the Islamic regime had developed a 10-ton “Father Of All Bombs” (FOAB) to rival the “Mother Of All Bombs” (MOAB) developed under former President George W. Bush, and recently utilized by President Trump against ISIS. In other statements, Gen. Hajizadeh claimed that Iranian intelligence agents infiltrated the American government during the administration of former President Obama, reports the Washington Free Beacon.

While appearing on the Fars News Agency, a state-controlled Iranian broadcaster, Hajizadeh explained that the recently developed “bombs are at our disposal, can be launched from aircraft, and they are highly destructive.” Hajizadeh referred to the weapon as the “father of all bombs” in a clear reference to the weapons recently used by President Trump against ISIS fighters in Afghanistan.

The GBU-43/B massive air ordinance bomb, or “Mother Of All Bombs,” was developed by former President George W. Bush for use in the war in Afghanistan. It is an 11-ton bomb capable of destroying terrorist strongholds in caves or canyons.

Hejizadeh made these statements as his government is preparing to launch three satellites, which they claim is part of their growing space program. However, critics contend that the space program is merely a cover for the Islamic regime to advance their intercontinental ballistic missile program.

In another recent interview with state-controlled PressTV, Hajizadeh claimed that the Iran government possessed highly classified documents obtained by penetrating the American government. Hajizadeh explained that the Iranian government plans to release select documents in an attempt to embarrass the United States.

“We have infiltrated into the Americans’ command control centers over the recent years,” Hajizadeh told reporters. “We have been present there,” he mentioned of American command centers in the Middle East. “We saw what locations they were observing and targeting.” The Iranian general went on to accuse Washington of supporting ISIS terrorists.

The Iranian government announced their military advancement ahead of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to New York for the upcoming United Nations General Assembly. President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu met in New York for a private meeting, and Iran was a major topic of discussion, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Both President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu oppose the Iranian nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama administration. During a 2015 address to a joint session of Congress, Netanyahu warned that the nuclear deal could not stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump took an aggressive stance towards the Iran trade deal, using it as an example of bad negotiation conducted by former President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. However, in recent weeks, President Trump has backed off on his absolute criticism of the Iran deal, since the Islamic regime has not technically violated the one-sided agreement.