WATCH: Interrogation Expert Reveals Brilliant Plan To Stop White House Leaks

Since taking office, the Trump administration has been hit by numerous leaks from inside the White House–most likely performed by Obama-era holdovers whose loyalty lies with the previous president rather than with the Trump team and the American people.

Although President Trump has made many significant accomplishments, particularly in the economy, the leaks serve as a continued distraction and national security threat. As reported by Fox News, interrogation expert Dr. James E. Mitchell recommends looking for patterns of leaks, then offering the best deal to whoever confesses first.

In his appearance on Fox & Friends, Dr. Mitchell stated that the key is to study the nature of the leaks in order to find patterns. This would allow Trump administration officials to pinpoint the exact individuals responsible.

“Look at where these leaks are coming from. Are there clusters, are there individual nodes, are there individual people that all these leaks are coming through, are they coming from a particular area?”

Dr. Mitchell argues that leakers inevitably reveal themselves to their associates. “They brag, they crow, they try to provide justifications for what they’re doing.” The human tendency to boastfulness can be used to eventually track down the leakers.

To convince people to talk, Mitchell asserts the White House should announce that the first person to come forward will receive a good deal for what could potentially be a very serious crime. It’s a matter of giving leakers the right motivation to come forward.

As the New York Times reports, Dr. Mitchell is a renowned psychologist who was contracted by the CIA to develop interrogation techniques to retrieve information from terrorists in US custody.

Mitchell reverse-engineered the military’s SERE counter-interrogation practices in order to create a more effective way of making prisoners talk. As New York Magazine notes, Mitchell’s technique makes use of “learned helplessness,” a psychological phenomenon in which a subject faces great adversity and eventually loses the will to struggle.

NBC News reports that Mitchell’s contract was canceled by the Obama administration after being paid $81 million. The CIA Inspector General under Obama argued that Mitchell’s techniques were unsafe for the terrorist prisoners. However, CIA documents indicate that Mitchell’s program was responsible for obtaining intelligence related to the Karachi Plot, the Heathrow Plot, the Dirty Bomb Plot, the Shoe Bomber, and others.

In fact, The Guardian reports that Mitchell himself waterboarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the Al-Qaeda militant known as the principal architect of the 9/11 attacks. Mitchell’s work saved lives but was cut because of Obama administration ideologies favoring the “rights” of terrorists over the safety of American citizens. Dr. Mitchell describes what he’s learned about Islamic terrorists in his book Enhanced Interrogation.

The Trump administration has been under attack by Obama-era leakers embedded into government. Do you believe that the damage done by these leaks is meant to thwart Trump from fulfilling his agenda?

Trump’s team is searching for ways to stop the leaks. As reported by the San Diego Union Tribune, a number of leaks have hit the White House hard, including ones that provoked the resignation of National Security Advisor and former General, Mike Flynn.

Fox News reports that White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci was determined to stop leaks at all cost before being fired after just five days on the job. Since his departure, the White House has been rocked by leaks again. President Trump will have to devise a new strategy to protect the integrity of his administration’s information.