ALERT: Major Impeachment News…

Despite their heated rhetoric, Democrats are divided on whether or not to push for President Trump’s impeachment.

Representative Al Green (D-TX) has delayed a vote on his resolution to impeach President Trump for the second time in two weeks amid pressure from top Democrats. Speaking from the House floor on Wednesday, Rep. Green accused Donald Trump of bringing “disrepute on the presidency,” and called for impeachment, but the Texas Democrat did not force an impeachment vote, according to Politico.

“I rise today on behalf of the many who have concluded that enough is enough,” Green said from the House floor. “I rise today to speak on behalf of the many persons who believe that Article 2, Section 4 of the Constitution of the United States of America has meaning and that it is something that is appropriate for a time such as this,” he said, as reported by The Washington Examiner.

In defense of his resolution, Rep. Green accused President Trump of spreading “hatred, bigotry, and invidious discrimination” against American citizens, in addition to alleged “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

While Republicans control both the House and the Senate, Democrats can force a vote for impeachment under procedural rules. Rep. Green could invoke a privileged motion, forcing his colleagues to vote on impeachment in just days.

Rep. Green was originally planning to announce his decision and force a vote last Monday, but the vote was delayed out of respect for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting.

On Wednesday, Rep. Green again brought up impeachment from the House floor and again said he was delaying a vote on the motion. This delay is supposedly intended to offer colleagues a chance to read over his proposal.

“There will be a vote. But what I’ve done thus far would not call for a vote,” Green explained. “This situation is very dynamic.”

Democrat leadership are opposed to launching an awkward vote over orders of impeachment. When asked if she would support the impeachment of President Trump, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) simply said “no.”

Leaders in the Democrat Party have already rejected multiple attempts to impeach President Trump from fringe elements of the party. An impeachment vote is almost guaranteed to fail. Instead, the vote would only endanger Democrats running in contested states who would need to defend their impeachment vote.

According to Politico, Rep. Green was pressured by party leaders not to force a vote at this time.

Al Green and other Democrats have been calling for Trump’s impeachment since he was elected. Do you think he should be impeached?

However, Rep. Green remains as impassioned as ever. Comparing himself to Dr. Martin Luther King, Rep. Green said, “Dr. King was right. The truest measure of the person is not where you stand in times of comfort and convenience when everybody’s with you … you may have to stand alone,” Green proclaimed. “I have accepted the fact that I may be standing alone and that I may receive criticism from contemporaries, but I also believe that I do what my conscience dictates.”

Still, Democrat leaders are concerned that pushing for impeachment would thwart any active negotiations with President Trump, and could hurt Democrat incumbents in tightly fought battleground States.