BREAKING: Image Released Of Melania In Texas – Liberal Media Humiliated

Hurricane Harvey has brought forth many heroic stories of Americans putting their lives and money on the line to help their fellow man. But in the middle of the surprisingly positive news coverage, mainstream media reporters took time to squeeze in attacks on President Trump’s family.

As Breitbart noted, the media caught sight of First Lady Melania Trump wearing high heels as she and her husband boarded Air Force One to visit storm-ravaged Houston. They criticized what they considered “inappropriate” attire–until they saw her walk off the plane in Texas wearing sneakers.

Image via Twitter

Interestingly, it never occurred to Mrs. Trump’s critics that she could actually change shoes while on her flight. The reporters who circulated the original photos of the first lady in heels seemed to think she would be walking knee deep in flood water while wearing stiletto heels.

In reality, Mrs. Trump’s footwear mattered little. As the president’s wife, the Secret Service security detail does not allow her to venture into dangerous disaster areas, particularly when there are armed looters in the area. Looters even shot at rescuers in an attempt to steal their boats, as reported by Christian News Alerts.

Adding to the irony, the individuals who spread the false rumor included reporters belonging to publications which regularly protest being labeled “fake news” by the president.

One of the notable participants in the gossip was Paul Schwartzman of the The Washington Post, who on Twitter wrote, “High heels to a flood?” Schwartzman did not retract his comment after learning Mrs. Trump changed to sneakers.

Instead, Schwartzman doubled down by sharing an article that stated it DID NOT MATTER that she changed shoes. For The Washington Post, it seems, Melania Trump’s regular use of high heels is a sign that she is “out-of-touch” with regular Americans.

Another mainstream media reporter to join in the criticism of the first lady was Madeline Conway of Politico, who wrote: “Good luck surveying a flood zone in those shoes.” Conway has since deleted her tweet.

The backlash to the shoe critique was enormous, with social media users chastising journalists for focusing on something trivial during a time when many people are facing intense hardship. One Twitter user even turned the tables on the left-leaning reporters, reminding them that former First Lady Michelle Obama did not travel to devastated New Jersey in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

The user wrote: “Melania shoes are much nicer than those Michelle wore to Sandy don’t you agree ladies? Oh that’s right she didn’t go.”

As CNN reported, Trump has promised to work with Congress to provide Texas with relief funding for Hurricane Harvey. Democrats are using the hurricane to pressure Trump into walking away from his promise to shut down the government if Congress does not fund the border wall with Mexico.

However, Trump has asserted his determination to continue with his plans. “It has nothing to do with it. I think this is separate.” Building a wall is one of the leading issues on which President Trump won the 2016 election.

This is not the first time the Trump family has been criticized over trivialities. As reported by Christian News Alerts, Barron Trump was recently attacked for his casual attire. Now his mother is attacked for her formal attire. It appears the media will always find a reason to take jabs at the first family.