ALERT: Illinois Announces Gross New “Celebration.” What’s Your Response?

It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, celebrations and holidays are a part of all societies. Illinois recently established a new holiday, and we can’t say that we agree.

According to NBC News Chicago, Aug. 4th is now officially “Barack Obama Day” throughout the State of Illinois. News of the holiday came forth when Governor Bruce Rauner (R), signed the law Friday to make it official. The holiday is supposed to be celebrated starting in 2018. However, it is difficult to figure out what it is about Obama everyone would want to celebrate.

Thanks to the former president, racial tensions are dangerously high. One of Obama’s initial promises was that he was going to bring everyone together. Instead, he would come out and stoke the flames of racial hatred whenever someone who was black was murdered by someone who was white–even if race was not the cause.

In fact, the homegrown terrorist organization Black Lives Matter was created under the protective wing of the former president. Logically, a “united” would have wanted to stop this group from spreading their hate.

YouTuber Mark Dice revealed in a video just how toxic BLM is for the community. The edited version leaves out the part where the BLM speaker in Milwaukee says they need to go to other (white) neighborhoods and burn their stuff down.

Furthermore, considering Obama was so worried about crimes against African Americans, one might question why he did not do something to quell the violence in his hometown of Chicago.

Instead, Chicago is still filled with violent crime and is the leader in the overall volume of killings in this country. The Chicago Tribune reported that on June 30th, 2017, there was a total of 323 murders–one more than there was at the same time last year. It seemed like the only time Obama would talk about violence in communities is when he thought it beneficial to pander to the people who lived in said communities.

Next, we have the mess known as Obamacare. It is worth noting that Obamacare is technically unconstitutional. You are not allowed to put a law into place that forces an American citizen to purchase a product sold by the government.

The mandate essentially forced people to buy the dysfunctional health insurance policies or pay the penalty. The government cannot “tax” you for not buying their product; it doesn’t work that way. Liberals ate it up and are still refusing to do anything about the health care law despite the fact that a majority of Americans are saying they want nothing to do with it.

Further bills that generate revenue must originate in the House. Obamacare originated in the Senate.

Democrats wanted to make Barack Obama Day a legal state holiday, which would require schools and state offices to close, while companies and banks would have an option to close. Lawmakers were not okay with the economic burden of forcing people to take a day off of work.

The state, instead, decided to make it a simple celebration and day of acknowledgment. As was explained, Obama did little to earn the respect of Americans, let alone be deserving of his own special holiday.

In a state that faces such incredible troubles, i.e. crime, financial woes, and fleeing citizens, one would think the elected officials there would have more important things to do with their time.