WATCH: ICE Director Reveals The Dark Truth About Sanctuary Cities

One of the hottest topics today is how to handle people who come into this country illegally. Despite the obvious complications that come with shielding people who are breaking the law of the United States, it continues to occur on a regular basis.

Acting Immigration & Customs Enforcement Director Tom Homan recently appeared on Fox News to talk about the issues with undocumented immigration and sanctuary cities as a whole. Homan stated that “Knowingly shielding illegal aliens from law enforcement is a crime. Are these jurisdictions on the right side of the law?” He went on to speak about Chicago, also a sanctuary city, which is facing one of the highest crime rates the city has seen in years. 

Homan spoke at length about numerous topics surrounding unlawful immigration, but things got interesting when the topic of sanctuary cities arose. The acting ICE director stated that the federal government is not pulling their funding, the states are pulling their own funding by continuing to disregard the law.

Understandably, the states want to keep their funding. Despite their attempt at making a political statement, many states are caving under the pressure of going broke because they are refusing to follow a simple law.

Homan then discussed Chicago and how they will not comply with ICE’s requests regarding the unlawful immigrants in their jail system. ICE is asking for detainers, information, anything–to no avail.

As a result, crime is increasing drastically in the already violent city. This is partly attributed to having a population of about 10,000 unlawful immigrants, some of which are going to jail only to be released without the chance of legal deportation.

The violent gang members, scammers, and so on are allowed to serve their time, then go on about their lives despite having no legal paperwork to be in the United States of America.

As a result, crime is slowly ticking upwards as each day passes. If sanctuary cities cooperated with ICE, Homan reasons, they could take these unlawful immigrants out of the country and make communities much safer for everyone who lives there legally.

Many sanctuary city neighborhoods are infested by vicious gangs like MS-13 because of their politicians’ refusal to honor Federal law. These gangs think nothing of executing lethal acts akin to the horrors we see perpetrated at the hands of ISIS. Yet, these same politicians claim to want to help the people of these beleaguered neighborhoods.

But, they can’t protect their citizens while, at the same time, supporting the release of unlawful criminal immigrants. Some are quite violent, yet are released into their neighborhoods where the most vulnerable of citizens reside. It is a contradiction.

As Homan states, President Trump is doing a lot to crack down on unlawful immigrants who are trying to enter the country, or are already here. Homan points out that the president has done a great job stopping the flow from the Southern border, and hopes to see that trend continue.

Despite what Democrats believe, not everyone has a right to be here. There is a safe and legal process for entering this country. If it’s not followed properly, actions such as cutting federal funds will be taken against these unlawful immigrants and the cities harboring them.