WATCH: Hurricane Reporter Makes Epic Patriotic Move During Live Broadcast

Hurricane Harvey has proven to be one of the most devastating storms our country has ever witnessed. There has been one confirmed death, and there has been at least $40 billion dollars in damages up to this point.

During filming for a segment on The Weather Channel, something occurred that would make the heart of any true American swell with pride. Weather reporter Paul Goodloe spotted an American flag sitting just outside of Rockport, Texas, in the wreckage of a tree. As soon as he saw it, he ran to pick it up off of the ground.

Goodloe tells his camera man, “I can’t let Old Glory just sit here like that.” He then walked through the wreckage, and toward the flag.

Once he made his way around the street, he stated, “I don’t know how strong the winds have to be to cut a palm tree in half, but that’s what happened to the top of this tree.” He then looked at the flag.

“But next to it, you have Old Glory. I can’t let Old Glory just sit here like that,” Goodloe states again. This kind of patriotism is so rare, we need to recognize it when it is caught on camera.

Goodloe then went on to mention that nearby schools were battered. He then bent down to pick up the flag and stretch it out.

Goodloe begins folding up the flag the best he can, despite the winds blowing against him and fighting his every move. After finally managing to fold the flag into a triangle shape, he smiles.

Goodloe finally comments that he couldn’t get a “perfect fold,” but that the job will suffice — he then tucked the flag under his arm and continued reporting on the storm.

This sense of patriotism is lost among the new generation — in particular, the Democrats. They no longer understand what great sacrifices the men and women standing for that flag had to go through for our freedom. Perhaps it is something that will elude them forever.


The Left sees soldiers and members of the military as monsters, and nothing bothers a Democrat more than an American showing pride for our country. We should all be proud of our country and what our flag represents, yet, a huge chunk of our population see it as a symbol of bigotry. While statues have occupied the news cycle of late, who’s to say the left’s outrage over American imagery will stop short of the flag? It wouldn’t surprise us if they wanted to redesign it.

A reporter on The Weather Channel makes us feel proud. Wouldn’t it be great to see more positive news like this?

Many of us are just like Goodloe. We see an issue or two with our country, and we want to fix its problems. We want to do it with pride, instead of being shamed for loving America.

More Americans like this are needed so that the violence in our country can stop once and for all. Our love for this great nation should bring us together, not divide us. God bless the United States, Goodloe, and his wonderful act of Patriotism.