BREAKING: Hurricane Irma Takes Terrifying Last-Minute Turn

The United States is seeing a significant amount of natural disasters this month. There were, and continue to be, deadly wildfires on the West Coast. Hurricane Harvey pummeled parts of the South — most notably, Texas. Now, Hurricane Irma is wreaking havoc in Florida as its crippling winds have finally reached the Sunshine State.

Instead of hitting the entire state of Florida, the hurricane appears to have veered slightly West, according to CNBC. This change of direction does not mean that people on the East side of Florida are safe, it just means that people in westward cities like Tampa and Fort Myers need to buckle down.

Ever since Irma started making its way to Florida, there have been concerns as to which areas would be impacted most of all, how much damage the hurricane could do, and what people need to do in order to protect themselves.

Despite conflicting reports, KMOV-TV weatherman Steve Templeton seems to have had the most accurate take on the power of Hurricane Irma. He reported Friday night that the hurricane would be far stronger than most people initially thought.

“The trend of the forecast track adjusting more to the west continues. And now it’s expected to be a category five as it likely hits the Florida Keys Saturday night into Sunday morning,” Templeton predicted.

The weatherman went on to warn that the most dangerous aspect of Irma is the wind and storm surge. He then said that Florida can expect between 6″ to 15″ of rain, with a chance that some isolated areas will get upwards of 20″ of rain.

This is what makes Irma different from Harvey. There will be less rain than Harvey, but Irma will move much more quickly, and will no doubt leave devastation in its path.

Since Irma was first spotted, it has looked like it would change directions multiple times. Now, the margin of error is becoming small, and the bigger picture can be painted with more accuracy.

The Weather Channel has given us a look into what the future is going to hold for the people affected by Hurricane Irma. They noted that it would lose power as it stays on land, but that does not make the storm any less deadly.

This hurricane season will present tremendous challenges to our nation. Will we be able to unite to meet the challenge?

Hurricane Irma is without a doubt one of the most dangerous natural disasters to ever befall us as a nation. The Southern states would all do well to heed the advice and warnings of local law enforcement, and we are certainly praying that the storm does not cause as much damage and destruction as it’s slated to.

In fact, if you are being told to leave it would be in your best interest to leave the area until the storm passes. Pray that your home is protected, pray for the safety of yourself and your loved ones, and stay elsewhere until this blows over.

Hurricane Irma is going to be one of the most memorable hurricanes we have ever seen in U.S. history. Our prayers and thoughts are with everyone affected by this deadly storm.