Hunter Biden’s Former Business Partner Spills the Beans to Tucker Carlson: ‘It’s Called Fraud’

A former business partner of Hunter Biden has accused the president’s son of fraud — to the tune of $5 million.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson sat down with Tony Bobulinski in an interview scheduled to air during tonight’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“So, they were shafting you without your knowledge, it sounds like,” Carlson said in the promo Fox News released Monday.

“Yeah, it’s called fraud,” Bobulinski responded. “Yeah.”

“I don’t see any other explanation for this, do you?” Carlson followed up.

“Uh… I’m sure you can reach out to the Biden family and get comment from them — ” Bobulinski replied, smiling to show that his comment was made with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

“Yeah, they’re not returning our calls right now,” Carlson said, also smiling.

Bobulinski is a former Navy lieutenant. The fact of his former business partnership with Biden has been confirmed by everyone from Politifact to The Hill, although all of the details Bobulinski has released over the past two years have not been publicly confirmed. The Western Journal also has been unable to confirm the specifics of all of the Biden family’s business dealings with Bobulinski.

Carlson was asking specifically about documents that Bobulinski said showed Biden had illegally altered documents to remove references to Oneida Holdings, LLC, and added in the name of a company he owned completely.

“It’s sort of staggering that that document is exactly the same document as SinoHawk Holdings, LLC. And it appears that Hunter Biden, Jim Biden and the Biden family literally copied the same document down to typos … they removed Oneida Holdings, which was the Delaware LLC that represented Jim Biden, Hunter Biden, myself, Rob Walker and James Gilliar,” Bobulinski told Carslon, according to several quotations not included in the promotional video.

“Hunter and his lawyer, Jorge Misires, replaced it with Owasco, which was Hunter Biden’s law firm or business that he operated,” Bobulinski said.

“He effectively swapped out an entity that he owned 20 percent of to a business that he owned 100 percent of, which is fraud.”

Bobulinski told Carlson that Biden “received over $5 million.”

It was unclear whether Bobulinski meant to allege that Biden had received $5 million more than he was owed, or $5 million total, only some of which was obtained fraudulently.

With all of this smoke, Carlson wanted to know if Bobulinski had become aware of any fire. After all, U.S. Attorney David Weiss has been pursuing a years-long investigation into the president’s son, and the Trump appointee has consistently been described as both apolitical and a “straight shooter.”

“Just this alone seems enough to spur a criminal investigation by the FBI into what apparently is fraud,” Carlson said. “The FBI had the contents of [Hunter Biden’s] laptop; they’ve had it for years now. Has there been an FBI investigation into this, and what’s the outcome of it? Do you know?”

“I’m not aware of them focusing on those specific facts,” Bobulinski answered. “Everything that I’ve been privy [to] or briefed on is, they’re focusing on more legacy tax stuff, FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act] stuff.”

“They should [also] be looking at that [alleged fraud],” he added.

“But Hunter Biden has not been indicted for this,” Carlson asked, just to make it clear what the Department of Justice under President Joe Biden had been doing with this information — or rather, what it has not been doing with it.

“I’m not aware of that,” Bobulinski said, again with a smile.

You can watch the promo video here.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.