Hunter Biden Lawyers Up with Someone Who Has Big Connection to Clinton – He Knows What’s Coming

Successful grifters can smell trouble coming from a mile away.

Though it remains to be seen if Hunter Biden is guilty of influence peddling for his pops and other crimes, it does appear that the GOP is going to draw the curtain back on Hunter’s life. What lies behind the curtain promises to be a sordid affair, judging from Hunter’s notorious laptop from hell.

In an effort to shield himself from the coming drama — as his father, the Democrats and the establishment media have been doing all along — Hunter Biden has now hired Abbe Lowell, former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment attorney, to combat a congressional investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings, according to Breitbart.

Lowell is no stranger to political legal drama. One of the establishment’s top attorneys, he has represented high-profile clients such as Sen. Robert Menendez, former Sen. John Edwards, lobbyist Jack Abramoff and, yes, Bill Clinton. An equal opportunity litigator, Lowell has also represented former President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Of course, an attorney of Lowell’s caliber doesn’t come cheap. Odds are that he’s not taking the Hunter Biden case pro bono. Investigative reporter Chuck Ross noted as much and speculated as to how and where Hunter Biden got the money to afford a lawyer like Lowell.

And Lowell isn’t the only lawyer whom Hunter is going to have to hide behind. Lowell joins a legal defense cadre that includes lead attorney Kevin Morris along with Chris Clark and Joshua A. Levy.

Lowell’s job will be to defend Hunter from the congressional probe, while Clark and Levy will try to prevent Hunter from being charged by the Justice Department for tax and gun violations, Breitbart reported.

The White House has said the Republicans’ planned investigations are “partisan attacks on the president and his family” and are “rooted in nonsensical conspiracy theories,” according to NBC News.

Incoming House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer disagrees. At a news conference last month, Comer said the committee will focus on whether the Biden family’s business activities “compromise U.S. national security and President [Joe] Biden’s ability to lead with impartiality.”

The investigation will look into potential wire fraud, violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, tax evasion and money laundering.

In the meantime, Morris has compiled opposition research on Tony Bobulinski, Hunter’s former business partner, and computer repairman John Paul Mac Isaac, according to The Washington Post. Nothing like some ad hominem attacks for a defense strategy.

Whatever the outcome, there’s already a lot more to the Hunter Biden case than there was to the Russian collusion hoax leveled at Trump. What goes around comes around — but this time it’s no hoax.

When Hunter Biden told CBS News in a 2021 interview, “I’m absolutely certain, 100 percent certain, that at the end of the investigation, I will be cleared of any wrongdoing,” it was about as convincing as one of his paintings being worth $200,000.

Hunter smells trouble. Will his lawyers be able to paint a picture that can hide him from it?

Stay tuned. The drama is about to begin.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.