WATCH: Huckabee Reveals What Trump Quietly Did Hours Before Harvey Hit Houston

Here is another reminder of why Americans are so lucky to have someone like President Trump in the White House.

Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Arkansas, went on Fox News recently and reminded the American people of why they voted for the president. In contrast to Obama, Trump had already been prepared for the hurricane before it even hit. His plan, having been set in place well in advance, is the reason why Hurricane Harvey, a disaster considered on the same level as Katrina, has had such a comparatively mild loss of life so far.

The former governor emphasized how important it was that Trump anticipated the problem long before the danger hit.

“I think what we’re seeing is a very solid coordinating effort between the federal, state and local authorities. And that’s very important in a time like this; you can’t have agencies battling each other. This is a team, and they’re proving to be a team,” he said.

“You have all the federal assets that were stood up in advance of the storm. This was very important that the president declared the disaster in advance so that they could have assets ready to go, already staged,” Huckabee continued. “The governor of Texas did the same thing. So what you’re seeing is a good preparation for this.”

The situation on the ground, which Huckabee described as “truly apocalyptic,” is so chaotic and extreme that it’s impossible to truly be prepared for an event of this magnitude – with perhaps only Hurricane Katrina coming as close in terms of devastation.

He continued, saying, “But no matter what you prepare for, what they’re experiencing now is something that there’s no textbook for. There’s no playbook to follow. They’re just going to have to be creative and be reactive in real time.”

“And that’s what they’re doing, and I think from all indications from every level–local, state, and federal–they’re doing everything humanly possible and not missing opportunities to pull resources into effect,” said the former governor.

In comparison to Katrina, Harvey, although incredibly devastating, hasn’t led to nearly the same loss of life that Katrina did. At the moment, confirmed deaths are in the single digits due to the tropical storm. When compared to the final death toll of Katrina, which was 1,836, it’s a drastic difference for what are comparably similar storms.

In a sense, one can attribute Trump’s decision making and competence as the reason thousands haven’t perished due to this disaster. It’s not surprising to see that liberals have stopped complaining about Trump being in the White House (at least temporarily) in light of this national catastrophe.

As tens of thousands of Texans are displaced due to the flooding caused by dozens of inches of rain water, those struggling against nature’s onslaught will be happy to know that our nation has never been more organized and well prepared than it is under the current administration.

If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that President Trump won’t allow Houston to become another New Orleans. He has Texas’ back.