JUST IN: Huckabee Reveals What REALLY Happened In Puerto Rico, Media Hiding It

Former Republican governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee has a new show on Trinity Broadcasting Network simply called “Huckabee.” The first episode aired and Huckabee managed to get an interview with President Donald Trump.

During the interview, they got on the topic of Puerto Rico and the current situation there in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Huckabee gave the president a chance to explain what really happened. According to The Washington Examiner, Trump described his trip this way: “I went to Puerto Rico, I came back — we had an incredible day.” Huckabee noted that Trump was perceived like a “rock star,” to which Trump replied, “It was crazy.” 

The president went on to say that when he got there, “The cheering — it was deafening.” This likely has to do with the fact that the president is not as horribly perceived as the media would have people believe.

In fact, the president elaborated on this precise point, “Look, the media’s fake,” Trump said. “I’m here, and I sometimes ask myself, how did I ever get here with the horrible, unfair publicity.”

Trump has a perfectly valid point. Since he was just a candidate he has been under fire from every liberal media outlet under the sun. They have managed to paint him as a racist, bigot, conspirator, all with no evidence to back up their claims.

Many people were wondering how the trip to Puerto Rico was going to go, considering the president’s war of words with San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz. Cruz released a video “begging” for help.

The video made it sound as if the president was doing nothing for the people of Puerto Rico and they were being left to suffer. We know from the statements made by other officials there that this was not actually the case.

There was a serious bottleneck issue where supplies were stuck at all of the ports. Cruz seems to have not considered the complications involved with giving supplies to an island that is separated from the rest of the country, as opposed to Texas or Florida.

Instead of understanding that everything was there and needed to be unpacked, she sent out a virtue signaling distress call targeting Trump. As has been the usual case, the mainstream media took this story and ran with it.

The media covers San Juan Mayor Cruz with enthusiasm, but gives no credit to Trump for Puerto Rico recovery. Is the coverage unfair?

Trump confirmed with Huckabee that many of the governors and mayors that he met with while he was visiting Puerto Rico received him positively. They took the time to understand the situation and what was being done to help.

The president has had a lot on his plate since first taking over office less than a year ago. In just a couple of months, he has managed to handle three hurricanes, the deadliest mass shooting in US history, and the constant uphill battle with the media for fair coverage.

Overall, Huckabee’s show kicked off in style and President Trump had a much-needed opportunity to explain what happened in Puerto Rico in a more relaxed setting. Because of the interview on the show, the country was able to get straight answers from President Trump himself.