WATCH: Huckabee Humiliates NFL Commissioner On Live TV, Destroys Him

The controversy over the national anthem protests in the NFL is still brewing full force. Players are still kneeling during the anthem, fans are walking away from the sport, and President Trump is still irritated over the disrespectful behavior. Now, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has finally come out to talk about the subject.

Mike Huckabee appeared on Fox News to discuss Goodell’s speech regarding the kneeling players. He claimed that Goodell “acted like a parent who says to his child ‘you really ought to eat your vegetables, but I’m not going to make you.’ And, ‘if you’d rather eat ice cream, go ahead because there’s no consequences.'” Most people who heard Goodell’s answer felt the same way when he was done speaking.

This situation has been a back-and-forth from the start. First, Colin Kaepernick knelt during the last football season, claiming to oppose racism and police brutality, and it was all but forgotten toward the end of the year.

Suddenly, Kaepernick realized nobody would hire him because he caused too much controversy–and was a declining quarterback to boot. As a result, he blamed his situation on racism.

President Trump put out multiple tweets and statements expressing his disdain for the people who took knees during the anthem. Mr. Trump even said, at one point, that the people who kneel should be gone because they are disrespecting the country, military, flag, and essentially everything that the United States stands for.

Now Goodell has come out to say, “I think our clubs all see this the same way — we want our players to stand, we’re going to encourage them to stand and we’re going to continue to work on these issues in the community.”

On the whole, it sounds like a decent quote. He is saying that all of the teams agree that kneeling is terrible and they will start encouraging players to stand. But that isn’t all he said.

At the same time, it was confirmed that there would be no punishment or incentive for players to stop kneeling. It is no surprise that Huckabee expressed such frustration.

Many people like Huckabee are angered by this realization because as Huckabee said, Goodell was like a parent who was not establishing any real boundaries. Saying anything one wants without fear of consequences is not a best business practice.

The behaviors of the NFL players will not change as long as they know they won’t be penalized for their protests.

Mike Huckabee humiliated the NFL commissioner for his petulant behavior. Is he right?

Goodell seems to be saying that he believes everyone should stand for the national anthem because to do otherwise is this horrible, disrespectful thing — then fails to provide the negative consequences that would both support that statement, and effectively enforce standing for the anthem. That contention is puzzling.

Some people say that he is trying to appease both sides by saying they should stand, then allowing them to kneel. This confusion, and refusal by Goodell to take a firm stand, suggests that this debate isn’t going to end anytime soon.