ALERT: Sarah Huckabee Destroys Liberals Who Attacked Trump’s Christian Faith

Only the mass media would stoop so low as to try and spin a picture of the president praying as a sign of weakness and attack him for it.

After being mocked by liberal outlets who attacked Trump’s faith, Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders did not back down, and defended the president. “The idea that somebody would only pray when they’re in a crisis I think makes you miss the entire point of what prayer is about. You should do that every day,” she said during the White House press briefing. “You can do that in the best of times and the worst of times. It would be ridiculous to suggest to do that in a time of crisis.” (via Newsmax)

A group of evangelicals were in the Oval Office on Tuesday in a meeting that did not involve the president, but when Trump learned they were in the White House he urged them to come visit him personally. Photos were later released of this chance encounter in which many of the Christian leaders were laying hands on and praying for President Trump, something that caused a stir among various liberal outlets.

CNN immediately jumped at the opportunity, claiming it was a sign that the administration was breaking down and becoming unhinged at the latest allegations of collusion between Trump and Russia. (via Newsmax)

Author and evangelical Johnnie Moore posted an image of the group praying together, leading many to criticize both himself and the president, suggesting the image symbolizes a frightening erosion of the separation of church and state.

Moore, who received a significant share of the criticism, said the remarks were “the most vile, vicious things I’ve ever seen or received in my entire life.”

He added, “What’s so ironic is that the left sees all of us as the ones who are dangerous, who are dividing America. And yet I can tell you when conservatives lose, we lose with dignity, we lose with class…That’s not the case with the left. The left is in this sort of frenetic, emotional moment, they’ve lost all rationality, they care nothing about objectivity or truth, and they’re just lashing out.” (via Newsmax)

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders hit back some more and called the media out on their anti-Christian bias. “Keep in mind that the pro-Islam, anti-Christian media never mock Muslims – who pray FIVE TIMES a day on their knees…” (via Sarah Palin)

Almost every American president in history has been a Christian, with only Lincoln and Jefferson having no formal affiliations that we know of, according to Pew ResearchThat said, there are several instances of even Lincoln and Jefferson recognizing the hand of God.

America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, and while the government is prohibited — by the First Amendment — from establishing an official religion and imposing it on everyone, that does not mean elected officials can’t hold their own religious beliefs or even openly promote them. To deny that the U.S. has a distinctly Christian heritage is to rewrite history.

Prayer isn’t a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of humility and courage.