Bombshell Revelation Shows How Hillary “Dealt With” Bill’s Sex Scandals

According to NBC News, Hillary Clinton’s latest book What Happened is supposed to explore the 2016 election from her perspective.

It also declares that Clinton thought then-candidate Donald Trump was a “creep,” according to Washington Examiner. Yet another book coming out next week, Citizen Newt, shows how she handled her husband’s multiple sexual assaults. “There always seemed to be fresh stories of discord in the White House. Hillary threw a lamp at Bill. Hillary Clinton threw an ashtray at Bill. Hillary threw obscenities at Bill,” the book reads.

Citizen Newt, written by Craig Shirley, is a biography of Newt Gingrich, former house speaker and staunch Trump supporter. The authorized biography explores the life and history of Newt Gingrich during his last four decades in the political realm.

The most interesting stories are said to detail the time he served as house speaker during the Clinton era. It gives a disturbing insight into the deplorable behavior of Bill Clinton and how his wife handled his extramarital pursuits.

One passage of the book states: “Everybody knew somebody who had a story about Clinton grabbing or groping a woman. The astonishing thing was not just that he got away with it, repeatedly, without being sued, but that Hillary put up with it, as did the American people.”

After Paula Jones filed sexual charges against Clinton, the first ever filed, it caused a scene in the White House. “Jokes even made the rounds about impeachment, and there always seemed to be fresh stories of discord in the White House,” Shirley writes. “Hillary threw a lamp at Bill. Hillary Clinton threw an ashtray at Bill. Hillary threw obscenities at Bill.”

This was a stark contrast to the public behavior she portrayed of loyalty, understanding, and advocating for her husband. Hillary Clinton was noted for defending her husband in public and privately seeking to undermine the women coming out about Bill Clinton’s antics, despite their allegations later proving true.

According to The Washington Post, when Gennifer Flowers came out about her affair with Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton told Esquire magazine if she had the chance to interrogate and investigate Flowers’ allegation, she stated, “I mean, I would crucify her.”

It also points to the glaring hypocrisy. Hillary Clinton, the woman who publicly defended her husband’s infidelity, attacked the women filing harassment charges, while secretly berating and lashing out at her husband. The hypocrisy beyond the obvious: she would later attack Trump for his “locker-room” talk.

While inappropriate behavior and the defensive advocacy for that behavior was completely and utterly unacceptable to Clinton, there is something eyebrow raising about her criticizing Trump for his “horrific” behavior, as seen in a tweet she sent out after the infamous TMZ “locker-room talk” video.

The hypocritical tweet attacked Trump saying, “This is horrific. We cannot allow this man to become president.”

Though Citizen Next doesn’t go into much detail about the sexual scandals the Clintons faced during their time in the White House, it does show the disturbing levels Hillary Clinton was willing to go to put up with her husband’s inappropriate behavior.

Though unfaithfulness in a marriage is an understandably difficult and trying experience for a spouse, it hardly justifies the lengths she was willing to go to defend her husband’s political career and demonize the affected woman, especially when it turns out she was aware of and secretly enraged by it.