House Armed Services Chair Takes Demand Straight to Pentagon After Second Biden Classified Documents Bombshell: Report

Congressional Republicans are on the warpath after it was revealed that a second batch of top-secret documents was found to be in President Joe Biden’s possession.

This second bombshell comes after an initial batch of classified documents was found at the Penn Biden Center, a think tank founded by Biden in 2018.

According to NBC, the latest docs were found at a location separate from the Washington office that Biden used after serving as the vice president.

The number of documents, the level of classification, and the exact location has not been revealed.

The White House and the Justice Department have been silent thus far on the issue.

Republican lawmakers have been quick to attack the president for irresponsible and possibly illegal activity.

Senator Josh Hawley in a tweet stated two words: “Special Counsel.”

As Biden’s lawyers and aids seek to obtain a full account of any more classified material, House Republicans are already on the horn to the Pentagon about the potential dangers of Biden’s improper storage of documents.

Congressman Mike Rogers of Alabama, the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, has sent a letter to military leadership to ascertain if Biden’s actions will result in any “damage to national security,” as reported by Fox News.

“I write to inquire whether you have been contacted to cooperate with U.S. Attorney Lausch’s review and/or are conducting an independent investigation based on your own authorities,” Rogers stated.

He continued by saying it is “critical to assess whether possible national security damage, particularly to DOD equities, resulted from any improper storage, handling, or disclosure of classified information stored in a closet of a non-governmental entity like the Biden Center.”

U.S. Attorney John Lausch is the man investigating the potential “improper handling of classified information,” as Rogers puts it.

Lausch was also assigned to investigate Hillary Clinton’s “improper handling” of classified docs back in 2018.

Rogers’s letter was directly addressed to two particular Pentagon officials, Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security Ronald Moultrie, and Director of the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency William Lietzau.

Rogers explained that these individuals were chosen because their agencies “maintain particular expertise to evaluate intelligence and counterintelligence threats posed by individuals and insight into the proper means of handling classified material.”

Rogers continued to press the Pentagon duo in his letter, stating that it is “necessary to determine whether highly classified material found in the closet have potentially placed Americans in harm’s way if disclosed to those without the requisite clearance or need to know or accessed by individuals intending malfeasance or worse.”

“It is imperative this Committee be kept informed about the nature of the classified date if it touches upon service members’ safety, DOD’s operations, or the protection of DOD assets.”

The Alabama Republican has given Moultrie and Lietzau until Jan. 25 to respond to his questions and has implored the Pentagon to fully cooperate with Lausch’s investigation into the matter.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.