JUST IN: Horrifying ISIS Terror Plot Exposed

As US-led coalition force closed in on ISIS’s remaining strongholds, and the extremists are trying to find ways to strike back.

According to the Independent, one particularly terrifying attack could be carried out by the organization’s “lone wolf” operatives in the US and other Western nations. In May, ISIS called upon their operatives abroad to poison food supplies, like supermarkets and grocery stores.

Documents were found stashed beneath Mosul University after security forces recaptured it from ISIS. The documents revealed that ISIS was using its prisoners as “human guinea pigs” to determine the efficacy of certain poisons.

One such poison was thallium sulfate, a type of salt with no color or taste that dissolves in water. Victims who unknowingly ingest the poison experience fevers, nausea, and brain and stomach swelling. After ten days, if left untreated, the victim will die in agony. The documents claimed that ISIS was in possession of an “ample amount of the solution to fill demands of this ‘ideal lethal poison.’”

Another poison used in ISIS’ experiments was a nicotine-based compound that supposedly had no antidote, and could kill its victims within hours of consumption.

Both poisons are particularly dangerous, given that thallium sulfate can be purchased in countries like the US, and the ingredients for the nicotine-based compound is readily found in cigarettes and vaping supplies.

Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a chemical weapons expert, said the experiments had terrifying similarities to those conducted by Nazis in World War II, stating, “This is a horrifying throwback to the Nazis who would test nerve agents on live humans. During the Second World War, the Nazis conducted thousands of deadly experiments with mustard gas on prisoners at Sachsenhausen concentration camp, near Berlin.”

The ability for operatives around the globe to obtain and administer these poisons could lead to a wide-scale attack that would be very difficult to prevent. These dangers are magnified by the fact that ISIS has been successful at recruiting Americans through social media, according to CNN.

The Orlando club shooting, the shooting in San Bernardino, the trucks driving into crowds of people in Nice and Berlin, the London Bridge attack, and a number of other incidents were all “lone wolves” — inspired by ISIS to carry out their agenda of terror.

The danger of these attacks is the difficulty of ascertaining who is involved, when the attacks will occur, and where they’ll occur. According to the Daily Mail, the London Bridge attacker was a reporter for the BBC. In July, he was contacted by ISIS recruiters who wanted him to attack the London Bridge with a “truck, axe, anything can work.”

For eleven months, the operative waited to carry out his orders. After his wait, he (and two others) used a van to attack innocents, even stabbing others before being killed by police. The attack left eight people dead.

Story after story of atrocities at the hand of ISIS terrorists proves that these people care very little about life. Do you believe that ISIS terrorists will resort to the evilest of acts to win its war against humanity?

Countless ISIS operatives could be waiting in the shadows, concocting batches of deadly poisons. Given that ISIS has lost most of its territory, and is retreating in the face of US-led forces, the organization is likely desperate to attack — before their organization caves.

These documents show that, while ISIS is nearly finished, the threat they pose is not. Even if the organization is obliterated from the face of the earth, their radical recruits may still be planning to keep their unholy message alive.