BREAKING: Homeland Security Issues Dire Warning – Terror Attack Imminent

A previously unreported document revealed that Antifa was considered a threat to national security before President Trump’s election.

Politico reports that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been warning state and local authorities to prepare for violence perpetrated by far-left activists in antifa (short for anti-fascist) since April 2016. According to previously unreported documents, the Department of Homeland Security has labeled antifa’s actions as “domestic terrorist violence,” thus bolstering President Trump’s claim that “both sides” are responsible for violence at protests. The DHS warns that more attacks are imminent. 

Most Americans first learned about antifa after the violent protests and counter-protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, which resulted in the death of 32-year-old Heather Hyer. However, the DHS has been monitoring the far-left group for years, and were warning of the risk for lethal violence long before the Charlottesville incident.

In April 2016, a joint intelligence assessment by the FBI and the DHS concluded that the “anarchist extremists” behind antifa were instigating violence at political rallies in an attempt to cause conflict.

The report showed that violent antifa activists preferred to direct their attacks against police and government institutions, as well as symbols of racism, fascism, and social injustice.

Since President Trump’s election last November, antifa protesters have increasingly targeted Trump and his supporters. Far-left media organizations portray President Trump as the first fascist president in American history. By that logic, all Trump supporters are no better than the Germans who participated in Hitler’s rise to power. What an insult to history.

Through claiming President Trump to be a fascist dictator in a moderate Republican’s clothing, the far-left antifa fighters hope to justify their violent attacks against everyday Americans.

At the time, a top law enforcement official charged with tracking domestic extremism explained that the protests against Donald Trump’s presidential campaign helped mainstream the antifa movement. “It was in that period that we really became aware of them,” the officer explained. “These antifa guys were showing up with weapons, shields and bike helmets and just beating the s**t out of people. They’re using Molotov cocktails, they’re starting fires, they’re throwing bombs and smashing windows.”

Numerous right-wing and moderate groups rose up in direct opposition to antifa’s violent attempts to censor any speech that runs counterintuitive to their anarchist leanings. Multiple “free-speech” rallies were held in response to the antifa movement.

The Department of Homeland Security has labeled Antifa’s actions as “domestic terrorist violence.” Is Antifa a domestic terrorist group?

Many right-wing protesters are now attending rallies — armed and prepared to defend themselves — which only escalates tensions.

“Everybody is wondering, ‘What are we gonna do? How are we gonna deal with this?'” explained the law enforcement official. “Every time they have one of these protests where both sides are bringing guns, there are sphincters tightening in my world. Emotions get high, and fingers get twitchy on the trigger.”

The joint assessment by the FBI and DHS concluded that antifa groups will start relying on domestic bombing campaigns similar to the campaigns launched by affiliated “foreign anarchist extremist movements” in Mexico, Italy, and Greece. The report names the Republican National Convention as a potential target of an antifa domestic bombing campaign.