JUST IN: Home Depot Founder Drops Truth Bomb On Dems, Trump Will Love It

The United States recently faced a devastating terrorist attack where eight people were killed, and 11 were injured. The terrorist, Sayfullo Saipov, attacked in New York City with a rented Home Depot truck.

Ken Langone, one of the co-founders of Home Depot, appeared on Fox News.  In an interview, he explained his point of view on immigration, particularly the fact that the US is not looking closely enough at those who come into the country. According to CNS News, he said: “Look. there’s nuts in the world. You know, we have mass murders, remember Kaczynski, the guy that was the Unabomber – we have enough screwballs in America without importing them.”

The point he was trying to make is that there are already mentally unstable people in the United States. Bringing in more people without a proper and effective vetting process runs a higher risk of bringing in more “screwballs.”

This is based on a component of the current immigration system known as the Diversity Visa Lottery, a State Department program. Through this program, 50,000 immigrants are given visas every year with little to no vetting process executed.

Statistics are examined to see what countries have the lowest number of immigrants into the United States. The countries with the lowest numbers get the visas, which allows them to come here via a lottery — strictly on chance.

Saipov was allowed into the United States through this lottery program. The New York City terrorist was originally from Uzbekistan.

Langone continued to say, “Nothing proves to me more than this experience that we need to know who’s here with us.” He believes the way the system is set up poses a danger to Americans.

“Nothing proves to me more than this experience that we need to know who’s here with us. How the hell can we just say, ‘Come on in, and we don’t care how you got in here, and we don’t care where you’re from or what you did or what your background was’?” Langone said.

He went on to clarify that he has no problem with immigration as a whole. The issue is not knowing who is coming into the country, or why they are coming here.

“This underscores the need for us to be diligent and have a program and have an effort where people have to let us know who they are and that they came in here legitimately,” he stated. “Why have borders, otherwise? I don’t understand this.”

The founder of Home Depot said there are enough crazy people in the world without having to import them into the US. Do you agree with him?

Langone was then asked about “homegrown terrorists,” or people that radicalize who are born in the United States. He acknowledged the problem and confirmed that while it is more challenging to stop them, there is no reason that the government should make the problem worse.

The co-founder of Home Depot expressed his feelings on immigration in a way that should be easy for most people to understand. There was nothing “racist” in his comments, as many on the Left would likely suggest. However, it did provide some much-needed grist for people who may not see the dangers of allowing unchecked immigration without at least looking into the history of the people entering the country.