BREAKING: Hollywood Star Launches Racist Tirade Against Ben Carson

Sometimes, it’s easy to wonder why the left constantly uses false accusations of racism against their political opponents. Perhaps they use this tactic not just to discredit those with whom they disagree, but also to distract from their own racist tendencies.

The Washington Examiner reported that, in a stunning display of the left’s values of tolerance and acceptance, comedian Chelsea Handler referred to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson as a “black white supremacist.” Yes, that’s right — the fact that Dr. Ben Carson does not subscribe to her leftist political views, he MUST hate people of his own race. Typical leftist logic, right?

The comments were a part of a preview clip from the Friday edition of Handler’s Netflix show. In the clip, she included jokes about President Trump’s supposed racism.

Chelsea Handler — who some people find funny for some reason — fuses comedy and news in a way that is similar to “The Daily Show,” or “Saturday Night Live.” The Washington Examiner states that her show follows the formats of those shows pretty closely.

Also included in the segment are lies about President Trump’s issues with racism. Handler stated that Trump likes Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke “because he enjoys anything that might wizz on him.” Of course, this is designed to make people believe that Trump stands in solidarity with Duke and his ridiculous beliefs about race.

Handler also claims that “Donald Trump’s dad was arrested after a Klan rally in 1927, which means Donald Trump has racism in his genes.” Of course, this joke is meant to repeat the debunked story that Fred Trump was a member of the KKK.

The Washington Examiner points out the fact that Handler’s statements are misleading. She is referencing an incident where Fred Trump was arrested at a 1927 Memorial Day parade in Queens — not a KKK rally.

While the event was not organized by the Klan, there were members of the hate group in attendance. After violence broke out, Fred Trump was held on charges that he refused to disperse from the parade when he was ordered to. He was released shortly thereafter — he was not taken to jail.

According to The Washington Post’s Philip Bump, “It’s not clear from the context what role Fred Trump played in the brawl.” Of course, these facts are inconvenient for Handler, so she chose to leave them out. However, she can’t be blamed for her “mistake.”

I suppose it’s hard for some comedians to be funny unless they are deceiving their audience.

It was after this story that Handler began her racist tirade. She named Dr. Carson as part of a group of “black white supremacists.” According to Handler, these are “black people who think white people are better than them.”

Dr. Ben Carson is one of the most celebrated neurosurgeons in his field. He is a philanthropist who has formed his own children’s charities. He has already made a positive difference as the HUD secretary.

However, to people like Chelsea Handler, this means nothing if you’re not a leftist. If a black man refuses to buy into the left’s ideology, it MUST mean they believe white people are superior. After all, black people are not smart enough to think for themselves, are they? Instead of making racist remarks against minorities who disagree with her, perhaps Handler should follow the advice of her colleagues and check her privilege.