HOLLYWOOD STAR: “I Wish Texas Had That $150 Billion Obama Gave To Iran”

Celebrities have been speaking out about politics more often than ever before. Hollywood tends to be more Liberal these days, but that doesn’t stop the Conservatives from coming forward.

Recently, actor James Woods posted on Twitter to send an important message about former President Obama’s loose use of funds during his time in the White House. Woods has been a firm supporter of President Trump and the actions he has taken as president.

Woods himself showed some appreciation to Texas after the events of Hurricane Harvey. His tweet featured a waving Texas flag GIF and the message “Thank you, #Texas, for showing the world how great #America can be.”

He was referencing the sense of unity that the state showed after the historic Hurricane Harvey made landfall. Everyone in the area was able to put their differences aside and come together in the name of survival.

Businesses opened their doors for people to come rest, and there are innumerous videos of people conducting rescues. Though the circumstances that brought these people together are far from ideal, the point remains.

Woods praised President Trump for offering a million dollars of his own money to contribute to hurricane victims. Woods followed his praise with a picture that raised an extremely valid point.

The picture showed Hurricane Harvey’s flooding and reads, “I wish Texas had that 150 billion that Obama gave to Iran.” Could you imagine if that money were available to help the people who had to live through Harvey?

The caption Woods put with the picture reads, “Like a traitorous dog in the middle of the night…” He is clearly referencing Obama, and his fondness of giving money to our foes. The exact transaction he is referring to is called “the nuclear deal.”

National Security Advisor at the time, Susan Rice, spoke out against this deal when it first occurred. According to Breitbart, She said, “We should expect (some of the money going to Iran) would go to the Iranian military and could potentially be used for the kinds of bad behavior that we have seen in the region.”

Woods suggests, if that money were here, it could be used to help the Americans in Texas who have had their entire lives uprooted by Hurricane Harvey. Instead, it was given to one of the largest financiers of terroristic behavior in the world.

You could make this point time and time again with the Obama administration. He has given countless millions of dollars to groups and other countries that have nothing to do with America or Americans. Just days before he left office, he gave $500 million to the UN Green Climate Fund.

He was giving out cash just to do it towards the end of his presidency. James Woods, and many other Americans, took notice. Now, in the wake of one of the biggest natural disasters our country has faced, you have to wonder — how much better off would everyone be if we had that money?