BREAKING: Hollywood Predators Just Got Bad News, It’s Happening

The revelation of Harvey Weinstein’s sex crimes opened the floodgates for more victims to come forth and expose additional perpetrators in Hollywood. Each week has seemed to reveal that more powerful individuals have taken advantage of their positions to prey on others. Apparently, there are many more crimes not yet revealed to the public.

According to ABC News, a high-ranking source with the Los Angeles Police Department revealed that the department has ongoing investigations into 22 alleged sex crimes, which are connected to figures in Hollywood and others in the entertainment industry.

The allegations “span from misdemeanor sexual battery to felony rape, and in many cases, there are multiple complaints lodged against the same individual,” a source told NBC News. As victims continue to come forward with allegations, the number of investigations is expected to increase.

The department has also taken 28 “courtesy reports” of sex crime incidents that occurred outside of their jurisdiction. The reports have been forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement departments.

At least two police departments — in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills — are actively investigating multiple cases involving Harvey Weinstein, who has not yet been charged with a crime. The movie producer was fired by his employer, The Weinstein Company, the production company he co-founded with his brother. Although Weinstein has denied allegations involving nonconsensual sexual encounters, he reported that he entered a rehab facility for counseling, citing pursuit of a “better path.”

More than 85 women have accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct. NYPD Chief of Detectives, Robert Boyce, told reporters of the investigation, “We have an actual case here.”

Since Weinstein’s accusations, several other influential figures in Hollywood have faced sexual harassment allegations.

Actor Kevin Spacey was accused of sexual misconduct involving underage boys, for which he is currently under investigation by law enforcement in London. Spacey denied the allegations, blaming his lack of recollection on drunkenness, and used the same brief statement to apologize and reveal his homosexuality. Spacey was criticized for the statement, which some believe he attempted to use his sexual preference as a guise for his wrongdoing. He, too, has checked into rehab.

James Toback is another individual under investigation for sexual allegations made by several women. Toback, a director and screenwriter, denied the allegations and claims he has no recollection of the events — or ever meeting the women.

Others accused include television show writers, studio executives, journalists and news network executives. So far, none of them have been charged with a crime.

The LAPD is investigating 22 different sex crimes cases involving Hollywood and entertainment industry figures. Do you think any of these investigations will result in an arrest?

At least half of the 22 ongoing cases at the LAPD have passed the state’s statute of limitations and cannot be prosecuted, the source said. However, some sex crimes are excluded from the statute of limitations in California. Rape and child molestation are two of the exclusions in California that were revised in 2016 after the allegations against Bill Cosby.

It is long overdue that these sexual predators are revealed for their disgraceful and criminal behavior. Hopefully, some of these perpetrators can be charged and punished for their crimes, and a precedent can be set for other figures who consider using their place of power to harass or abuse others.