Here’s A History Lesson For All The Antifa Criminals Out There…

The political left has turned historical monuments into a new rallying point for protests and demonstrations, a number of which devolve into vandalism and violence. These movements are made to combat “hate” and “racism.” However, the ideological foundation of the “anti-fascists” (Antifa) is completely contrary to their declared end.

The Left’s surrogates in the media attempt to paint Antifa as “peaceful protesters” standing up to bigotry. But as the San Francisco Chronicle notes, Antifa is a collection of communists and anarchists–radical extremists who use violence, intimidation, and censorship to achieve their political agendas. This is completely in line with the violent methods of communists throughout history.

A look at the individuals responsible for the recent debasement of public monuments gives a glimpse into the true nature of the alt-left Antifa. Contrary to the coverage they receive in the press, Antifa is not comprised of “ordinary Americans.”

On the contrary, the political philosophy of Antifa has little to do with America’s constitutional political heritage. Antifa openly expressed disdain for America and its history, institutions, and culture.

Three Antifa members recently charged with Confederate statue vandalism in North Carolina provide ample evidence of this movement’s far-left extremism. Antifa has less to do with traditional American values and is more akin to radical communism.

Antifa protesters have chosen a monument to Robert E. Lee in Durham, NC as a target vandalism. Several people have been arrested for damages to the statue and surrounding property, as reported by WRAL. Two of the individuals to be arrested, Fatima Thompson and Ngoc Loan Tran, are members of the Durham branch of the World Workers Party, which idolizes revolutionary socialists like Fidel Castro and the oppressive Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro.

A Facebook post by the World Workers’ Party gives glowing praise to Cuban dictator Castro, quoting from one of his anti-American statements in which he goes as far as to compare the United States to Nazi Germany:

“However, if fate were to decree that, one day, we would be among the last defenders of socialism in a world in which US imperialism had realized Hitler’s dreams of world domination, we would defend this bulwark to the last drop of our blood.” Clearly, the members of the World Workers’ Party share Castro’s belief that the US is inherently evil and must be stopped.

The alt-left Durham protesters damaged private property in excess of $1,500. North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper called on the state legislature to repeal a law which limits the movement of monuments. Cooper says he does not want to attract the violence of “white supremacist elements” or see protesters injured as they try to remove the statues unlawfully.

The governor made no mention of Antifa’s violent legacy. The local alt-left groups rejoiced at his words, considering it a victory for their cause. Tran, one of the vandals, boldly stated that the riots are not about statues, but about what they consider to be an evil, unjust country.

“We are following a historical legacy of standing up to the powers that be, to these racist, fascist systems, and we’re on the right side of history,” Tran said. “We’re not going to let the police or this jail intimidate us.”

It’s uncertain how Antifa determined that the right side of history entailed one of violence and intolerance. At a Portland, Oregon rally in June, Antifa shouted down Kathryn Townsend as she delivered a speech comprised of quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr. “We may have come over on different ships, but we are all in the same boat now,” she recited one.

As Antifa’s violent antics yield nothing but disdain from Americans, perhaps they should emulate MLK and take a position of nonviolence for change.