BREAKING: Insiders Reveal Hillary’s Sick Order Moments After Benghazi

Five years after the dastardly Benghazi terrorist attack that killed US Ambassador Chris Stevens and three security personnel, new facts are coming to light suggesting that Hillary Clinton’s State Department knew of the security deficiencies which put the embassy in danger–and attempted to cover up its negligence.

According to Fox News, leaders of the private security firm Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions have spoken out, saying that the US State Department rejected their bid for security at the Libyan embassy in Benghazi in favor of an obscure foreign firm that hired unarmed guards. After the death of Ambassador Stevens, State officials personally told the American security contractors not to speak publicly about the department’s failings. 

Jerry Torres and Brad Owens of Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions gave Fox News an exclusive account of the State Department’s security maneuvers prior to the coordinated attack on the American embassy.

Torres is a former Green Beret. Owens is a former Army Intelligence officer. Between them, the two men have over forty years of experience in the armed forces. Their company, Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions, has provided security for embassies and consulates around the world–including high-risk regions like the Middle East and Africa.

In addition to Ambassador Stevens, the Benghazi attack killed foreign service officer Sean Smith and former Navy SEALs Ty Woods and Glenn Doherty. Torres expressed his concern that the same bureaucrats and policies that contributed to the deaths of these four men are still in place.

Owens explained that in 2012, he represented Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions in Libya, having considerable familiarity with the region. The contractor was a first-hand witness to the hostility in the area following the death of Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi.

Owens presented the State Department with a bid for security at the Libyan embassy. But due to a law that requires security contracts to go to the lowest bidder, the job was ultimately given to UK-based firm Blue Mountain Group.

Torres challenged the decision but was shot down by Jan Visintainer, the State Department official responsible for contracts. Owens told Fox News he informed State Department officials that Blue Mountain was ill-equipped to handle the situation.

“Blue Mountain UK is a teeny, tiny, little security company registered in Wales that had never had a diplomatic security contract, had never done any high threat contracts anywhere else in the world that we’ve been able to find, much less in high threat areas for the US government,” Owens said. “They had a few guys on the ground.”

Additionally, Owens claims Blue Mountain hired unarmed guards though another firm. Eventually, as safety around the embassy deteriorated, the State Department got in touch with Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions and asked them to take over security. However, it was too late. Just 12 days later, Islamists attacked the diplomatic compound and killed Ambassador Stevens.

In early 2013, Torres was personally invited to speak with Visintainer at her office in Rosslyn, Virginia. There, she ordered Torres not to speak to the media about the Benghazi program. The State Department official allegedly asked for assistance downplaying the danger the ambassador had faced.

According to Torres, Visintainer told him, “in her opinion, that guards should not be armed at US embassies. She just made that blanket statement…And she said that they weren’t required in Benghazi. So I was kind of confused about that. And she said that she would like my support in saying that if that came up. And I looked at her. I just didn’t respond.”

Benghazi security sworn to secrecy. Is there more to investigate here?

This revelation comes right on the heels of the publishing of Hillary Clinton’s new book, What Happened–a memoir detailing the 2016 election. As Christian News Alerts reported, Clinton was confronted by journalist Laura Loomer at a recent book-signing. Loomer demanded the truth about the former secretary of state’s role in the Benghazi scandal.

As seen at Breitbart, Clinton and then-President Barack Obama initially said the attack was a spontaneous response to a viral video that angered Muslims. But it later became clear the attack was carefully coordinated and planned in advance. Clinton has been accused of having known the true nature of the attack from the beginning, and of attempting to cover up the State Department’s mishandling of the affair.