BREAKING: Hillary’s Sick Plot to Remove Trump Uncovered

Most people had high hopes that once Hillary Clinton lost the election, she would fade into the background, never to be seen again. Despite those hopes, she has risen from the rubble again like a super villain that keeps getting up after being bested by the hero. Now, she has another diabolical plan in motion.

Clinton was asked if she would rule out challenging the legitimacy of the presidential election in which she was dominated. She responded, “No, I wouldn’t rule it out,” according to an interview with NPR. She went on to question whether or not there is a “constitutional” way to challenge the election, and one can’t help but wonder if she thinks that she can somehow take Trump’s place. 

Hillary Clinton’s book, What Happened, is a blame game novel in which she wrote down everyone who contributed to her loss in the election. In her book, she, of course, cited Russian interference for one of the reasons she lost.

The claims of Russian hacking resulted in the formation of the special counsel, which is led by Robert Mueller. He has been working on “probing” the people involved with Trump for months, and thus far, has not found a single shred of evidence.

In Clinton’s world, something very different is happening. She stated, “[Trump] knew they were trying to do whatever they could to discredit me with emails, so there’s obviously a trail there.”

When reading that statement, it begs the question, a trail of what? How does Hillary setting up a private server with classified emails, then getting caught, equate to Trump-Russia interference?

Furthermore, any logical adult should want to know how Hillary sees herself getting caught breaking the law as Trump’s attempt to discredit her. Isn’t that just Hillary discrediting herself?

The irony of it all is she had people in the administration who had her back. Former FBI Director James Comey, for instance, was going to drop all charges against her months before his announcement — even before he had a chance to interview her. Everything that could have possibly gone in her favor did, and she still managed to screw it up.

Clinton went on to say that if she had been president when the rumors of Russia interference occurred, she would have handled it differently.  According to her, she would have established an “independent commission with subpoena power,” to uncover the truth.

This likely isn’t true considering her reaction to the email server scandal. Once she was accused of the email server, she deflected and blamed everyone under the sun except herself.

If she was unwilling to admit that she set up an illegal server that was not secured, why would anyone believe that she would look into an investigation of her collusion with Russia to throw the election? Everyone knows the answer to that question.

While Hillary lives in a world where she thinks she was robbed of the election, the rest of America has moved on and are looking toward building a better country. She can think that she will somehow overthrow President Trump and take over, but the reality is that the American people would never let that happen.