REVEALED: Hillary’s Nasty “Russian Spy” Move, People Deserve to Know

By most accounts, it was the Hillary Clinton campaign that made Russian espionage and Russian interference in American politics a major issue. That is coming back to haunt them.

According to The Daily Caller, during 2009-2010, the secret FBI program to unmask Russian agents in the US revealed ten operatives. Secretary of State Clinton quickly cut a deal to return these agents back to Moscow without any benefit to the United States.

Clinton’s actions only make sense when one remembers that the controversial Uranium One deal with the Russian company Rosatom was in play at that point in time.

This is deal that saw Russia gain control of twenty-percent of America’s uranium supply.

Ultimately, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States signed off on this deal, despite knowing full well that the FBI had evidence showing that Russian businessmen connected to Rosatom were involved in corrupt business practices, including bribery, extortion, and money laundering.

At the time, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States was headed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

According to “Ghost Stories,” the code-name for the FBI’s investigation into Russian spy rings in the US, 2010 saw at least ten spies uncovered between Boston and Washington, D.C.

When the news reached Mrs. Clinton’s desk, she decided to promptly return these spies back to Moscow.

Oddly enough, the day the FBI arrested the Russian agents was just one day before President Bill Clinton gave a speech in Russia that earned the former president $500,000.

In the immediate aftermath of these arrests, some Obama officials said that there was no evidence that Secretary Clinton was herself a target of any of these Russian agents.

That was a big lie, for Operation Ghost Stories revealed back in 2008 that Russian operatives tried to dig up dirt on Mrs. Clinton. For these spies, the goal was to have the External Intelligence Service (SVR), which includes many holdovers from the old Soviet KGB, winnow its way into Clinton’s inner circle.

For the Russians, Mrs. Clinton was a “known quantity.” The Daily Caller summarized her as “predictable, vain and ruthless, and with an insatiable desire for cash to enrich her family, friends, and political machine. Blindly ambitious to become president of the world’s only superpower and swearing to come back after losing in 2008 to Barack Obama, she was the 21st century KGB’s perfect mark.”

Russian agent Lidiya Guryeva, who operated under the name Cynthia Murphy, worked by day as a vice president in a Manhattan tax services company. By night, she infiltrated Mrs. Clinton’s inner circle. Five of Clinton’s closest friends were at the top of Guryeva’s list.

Whether or not Mrs. Clinton was compromised by Russian intelligence officers prior to 2010 is not yet known. However, her decision to release top-level Russian spies from FBI custody without trials is certainly suspicious.

In this case, as with Rosatom’s purchase of Uranium One, the Kremlin got the best deal possible thanks to the nefarious activities of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, President Bill Clinton, and the Clinton Foundation.