BOMBSHELL: Sick Hillary Scheme May Have Been Criminal

It’s almost like the country is so used to hearing about Hillary Clinton’s corruption that nobody bats an eye when yet another story of her malfeasance surfaces.

Fox News reported that, while she claims the presidential election was stolen from her, Clinton stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders. But to make matters worse, a top legal analyst told Fox News that Clinton might have broken the law by rigging the nomination process.

Earlier this week, former Democratic National Committee (DNC) interim chairperson Donna Brazile revealed that Clinton fixed the primary process by effectively taking over the DNC. The former chairperson also wrote a piece for Politico claiming that Clinton used her funding of the DNC to swing the results in her favor.

Everyone knows that her actions were unethical. What is unclear is whether or not they were illegal. Hopefully, the authorities will see fit to investigate Brazile’s accusations.

Brazile states that the DNC went broke while Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was in charge. It carried a debt of almost $20 million. Enter Hillary Clinton. She paid off the debt, and in exchange, the DNC allocated their finances and other resources towards aiding Clinton in defeating Senator Bernie Sanders in the primaries.

While Clinton was helping the DNC and state parties raise funds, the states kicked back most of their share of the money to the DNC. Then, the DNC devoted their share and the states’ share to the Clinton campaign.

At this point, Clinton was in control of the Democrat party’s staffing, budgeting, analytics, and other vital areas. The committee was supposed to remain neutral, but since Clinton had effectively taken control, it became the vehicle by which she would secure the nomination.

It is not clear whether or not the Justice Department or the FBI will launch an investigation, but if they do, there will likely be several potential crimes into which they might look.

The authorities may look at the financial records to determine whether or not the limits on campaign contributions were broken. If so, it would constitute a violation of the Federal Election Campaigns Act.

Secondly, if Brazile’s allegations are true, it’s possible that Clinton violated campaign finance reporting laws. Funneling campaign money in a way that could be interpreted as deceptive is illegal. Using that logic, it’s quite clear that Hillary Clinton is a career criminal.

Lastly, transferring campaign funds from one source to another could be evidence of money laundering. Fox News reports that any transaction that is intended to conceal illegal activity would be considered money laundering.

As stated previously, Clinton’s actions were unethical. She co-opted the DNC — which is supposed to be a neutral party — and leveraged it for her own purposes. Bernie Sanders never stood a chance.

This story is yet another reminder of the corruption that runs deep in the Clinton machine. This is only the latest in a series of scandals in which Hillary Clinton has been involved. It’s another situation that shows that the country dodged a bullet when she lost the 2016 presidential election.