BREAKING: Hillary Scandal Explodes, This Could Get Ugly

There is a scandal rocking the United States. It involves Russia, but it doesn’t involve President Donald Trump. Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch believes there is more out there about Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration’s secret uranium deal with the Kremlin.

Almost two years ago, Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit against the US Treasury Department and Hillary Clinton. The lawsuit involves the accessing of records regarding the uranium deal. Recently released documents from the FBI show the deal was completed despite the Obama administration knowing all about Russian corruption in the United States.

Judicial Watch takes credit for being the first outlet to break Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. Now, following their Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, the group could get its hands on all the gritty details about the devil’s bargain that show Obama officials give away about 20 percent of America’s uranium resources.

So far, what is already publicly known about this deal is bad enough.

According to The Hill, way back in 2009, the FBI–which was then led by Robert Mueller–uncovered damning evidence that Russian government agents were involved in several illegal schemes in the United States, including bribery, kickbacks, and money laundering.

The primary goal of these schemes was to enhance the power and probability of Russian companies that have ties to Vladimir Putin’s administration in Moscow.

FBI agents and eyewitnesses who had access to top-secret documents have also come forward to say there is evidence that Russian companies funneled millions of dollars into Bill Clinton’s accounts.

Similarly, at the time that all of these dubious transactions were being made, Hillary Clinton, then serving as US Secretary of State, sat on a government commission that ultimately gave the green light to the selling of US uranium to Rosatom, a major Russian atomic energy company.

The deal, which passed in 2010, also involved a Canadian mining company called Uranium One. As covered by journalist Peter Schweizer in his book Clinton Cash, Uranium One was owned by a close Clinton affiliate who donated money to the Clinton Foundation.

The former-President responded to these deals by giving public speeches in both Canada and Russia, both of which earned him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Most galling of all, the Obama administration knew full well of these dirty deals but refused to do anything about them. Nowadays, Obama and Clinton, along with their supporters, have publicly accused Donald Trump of willfully “selling out” America’s democracy to Vladimir Putin.

Mueller, who heads the independent probe into Russia’s infiltration of the 2016 General Election, was not only complicit in this cover-up, but in 2009 he flew to Russia with a sample of highly enriched uranium (HEU) that had been obtained in the Republic of Georgia.

Judicial Watch has filed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton. Do you think the documents will be released?

So far, President Trump has blasted this story on Twitter as an example of how the biased “fake news” industry routinely covers up the crimes committed by Democrats.

Judicial Watch–who is also currently suing in order to obtain the documents related to the 2016 meeting between Bill Clinton and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch–may choose to make everything public if the courts rule in their favor. When this happens, the American people will be well served.