WATCH: HIllary’s Russia Connection Finally Exposed. Should She Be Indicted?

As the mainstream news outlets rehash and constantly look for anything new that they can use to further the Russia-Trump narrative, it turns out that if they wanted to report on a real story of collusion and Russian involvement, they would need to look no further than Hillary Clinton.

The well-known Trump dossier, a 35-page document consisting of what amounted to unsubstantiated rumors about the president, turns out to have a more complicated past than first believed. In fact, the people who produced the fake Trump dossier were working for the Russians. Fusion GPS, an anti-Trump political research firm, was hired by Clinton to investigate Trump’s past, and subsequently hired a top British spy, Christopher Steele, to complete research in an attempt to harm the president. (via The Daily Caller)

The further the investigation goes, the more there seems to be real evidence for collusion, but not in the Trump campaign. During Senate hearings today, William Browder, a British financier, testified that Fusion GPS, the anti-Trump political research firm, had connections with the Russian government.

When asked if he felt they were working for the Russians, Browder said, “In the spring and summer of 2016, they were receiving money indirectly from a senior Russian government official…what I’m saying with 100% certainty is that they were working to undermine the Magnitsky Act and the timing of that.” (via Real Clear Politics)

Browder further testified before Congress that Fusion GPS, who hired Christopher Steele to create the dossier, was also hired by Natalia Veselnitskaya, the lawyer who visited Donald Trump, Jr., to try and repeal the Magnitsky Act – a story so unbelievable that Sen. Lindsey Graham said it seemed more like a fiction novel than reality.

William Browder’s involvement in the affair is complicated, as he was considered the catalyst for the Magnitsky Act in the first place. As he writes in his testimony, which was published in full in The Atlantic, Browder’s lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, was hired to investigate money laundering and was beaten to death in a Russian prison after accusing authorities of corruption. Congress subsequently imposed sanctions and passed the Magnitsky Act in 2012. The Russia lawyer Veselnitskaya was working alongside Fusion GPS to repeal this piece of legislation.

Fusion GPS’s shady connections to the Kremlin are even more suspicious, considering they have refused to cooperate with investigators, and last month were “stonewalling” investigators who were looking into its Democratic party connections. (via Washington Examiner)

There is a clear connection between Hillary Clinton and Russia. Should she be indicted?

Glenn Simpson, the co-founder of this company, ended up “pleading the fifth” in response to a subpoena received from lawmakers.

With Russian connections into this left-wing political group established, the same group commissioned by Hillary Clinton to get political dirt on Trump, the former Democratic presidential candidate’s Russian connections are far more valid than those the media are trying to make with Trump.

There is much we don’t know about the situation, but the more we investigate this issue, the more it looks like the Russia-Trump narrative is not just about smearing Trump, but also hiding Hillary Clinton’s own shady dealings – a matter that is truly a scandal.