BREAKING: Hillary Issues Shock ‘Impeach’ Message, Millions Stunned

Hillary Clinton recently talked of impeaching President Donald Trump.

Democrats in Congress filed articles of impeachment for President Trump early this week. Hillary Clinton felt the need to comment, but her stance stunned millions. According to The Washington Examiner, Clinton believes that impeaching President Trump would be “premature.” This caught many people off guard, especially considering the toxic way that Clinton has referred to the president in the past.

“I think we need the investigations to continue,” Clinton told Mother Jones during her interview Friday. “I think that it’s premature [to impeach Trump.]”

This statement doesn’t fit with what Clinton said just last month. She previously claimed that, “we know everything we need to know” about the Russia investigation. Perhaps she realizes that the claims from the Left for Trump’s impeachment are just fake news, with no real solid evidence for impeachment.

Impeaching the president isn’t an easy task. Solid, irrefutable proof is needed to remove a president from office through the impeachment process. Only two US presidents have been impeached (including Hilary Clinton’s husband), but they were then acquitted. One other was to be impeached, but resigned before the process could take place.

Clinton was referencing Mueller’s indictment of Paul Manafort and his business partner, Rick Gates. The duo were caught laundering money and partaking in a number of other shady activities before President Trump was even nominated.

Manafort was President Trump’s campaign chairman, but did not involve the Trumps in anything illegal that he or Gates may have been doing.

We know the latter is true because the indictment paper did not mention President Trump, or any of the Trumps. Everything Manafort is being charged for occurred before the presidential race even started.

This situation relates to Robert Mueller, head of the special counsel. Mueller is investigating President Trump and the Russians, though he has deviated far from that goal now. Some suspect that Mueller indicted Manafort and Gates on solid evidence, but that does not prove that there was any President Trump-Russia collusion.

“We just have to make sure that members of Congress do their jobs and hold the president accountable,” Clinton stated while on her seemingly never-ending book tour in Chicago.

Clinton called the impeachment proceedings “premature” after a small group of Democrats introduced five articles of impeachment for President Trump.

The articles of impeachment were introduced by Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) and three other Democrats. “There are already sufficient facts in the public record to warrant the start of impeachment proceedings in Congress,” Cohen said, “There’s no reason for delay.”

Cohen then points to his version of “examples” that warrant the impeachment, such as the meeting between  Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian attorney during the campaign.” Since that is the case, many would be hard-pressed to find out how Trump Jr.’s meeting differs from Clinton and the DNC working to get a dossier on Trump from a company affiliated with the Russian government.

In this case, when Hillary Clinton agrees with your side — something isn’t quite right about the claims coming from the Left.