BREAKING: Hillary Issues Nasty ‘Order’ To Her Fans, This Is Terrifying

Despite failing at her attempt for president, that isn’t stopping Hillary Clinton from trying to remain relevant. Her latest action is viewed by many as desperate and sad. After reading her request, it’s easy to see why.

On Tuesday Clinton posted a tweet promoting “Run for Office Day.” In the tweet, she said “Being your candidate was the honor of a lifetime. Now it’s your turn to #runforsomething.” She wants her supporters to run for office. This won’t end well for them. 


Navigating to the link in Clinton’s tweet revealed a questionnaire, accompanied by the statement: “National Run for Office Day is spearheaded by the team at Run for Something Action Fund, a 501c4 affiliated with Run for Something.”

The document asks users to create a profile, and promises to connect them with the resources needed to help them with their campaign. On the surface, it appears pretty standard until one pays attention to the questions.

Before one has to answer what position they desire to run for, they have to answer an even more “critical” question. “What are your preferred gender pronouns?” For some reason, gender pronouns are such an important factor in running for office, they are included and seemingly prioritized on this questionnaire.

The irrelevant questions continue throughout the form.

The form asks users for their race. It’s unclear why race would matter when filling out a questionnaire about running for office. Are certain resources available for minorities instead of whites? If they are baiting non-whites to sign up for their form, what they are doing could technically be considered racist.

If someone on the Right started something similar and included a question about race, they would be called racist by those on the Left, regardless of intent. If they failed to include a question about gender pronouns, they would be considered bigots. The Left has proven hypocritical in this sense.

One field on the form asks users of the social media profiles, which also has questionable relevance. Why should a social media presence matter to a current or potential campaign?

Judging by the content of the questionnaire, Mrs. Clinton seems hopeful that her supporters could potentially carry on her legacy — the legacy she believes she was prevented from achieving, despite her full control of the Democratic National Committee, as revealed in Donna Brazile’s book.

Hillary Clinton is urging her most ardent supporters to run for political office. Would Clinton supporters win at the polls?

Perhaps one of the most damning questions on the form is a simple yes or no question. “Do you identify as LGBTQIA?” The same question still applies: Why is this relevant to running for office, regardless of position? It seems as if they are using this application to target a specific demographic of people.

Clinton seems to want people who fit specific criteria to fill out these forms so they can start providing them with “resources” they need to go through with their campaign. Some would suggest that if anything, this has all of the signs of racism, bigotry, and sexism the Left accuses of the Right. Clearly, there is more to the “Run for Office Day” questionnaire than meets the eye.