BREAKING: Hillary Just Got Terrible Benghazi News

The American people have not forgotten about Benghazi and the deaths of four Americans, including a sitting United States Ambassador. Neither has Judicial Watch, who is still pushing for more information in court about Hillary Clinton’s involvement.

As a result of a Freedom of Information lawsuit filed by the group, the State Department has just been ordered by a federal judge to do another search for Benghazi-related Clinton-era emails, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

It’s true that the State Department has made a search for these emails before, but their search wasn’t as comprehensive as it could have been. FOIA requests saw Clinton turning over 30,000 initial emails, which the Department examined. Then, her private email address was discovered.

As part of her email scandal, Clinton and her aides turned over an additional batch of emails numbering in the tens of thousands, which the State Department also examined with Benghazi in mind. In the end, 348 related documents and messages were found.

That may sound like a lot, but Benghazi was a major event and was discussed for five months afterward by Clinton and her aides. It required major coordination, status updates, and emails outside of the State Department. There should have been more than 348 records.

However, the State Department did not search Clinton’s aides’ email addresses. This time, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and Jake Sullivan were mentioned by name in the judge’s decision. As Judicial Watch pointed out in the court, surely, all three have emails pertaining to Benghazi.

Yet, Clinton and her cabal may have already thought of this eventuality. According to Politico, while Clinton led the State Department there was no routine, automated email archiving system in place. She wasn’t just negligent with her own email; the lack of archiving of any emails was systemic.

Some State Department officials made copies of their own emails by hand for archiving purposes, but whether or not any of the top aide’s emails were stored is yet to be determined.

The lawyers representing the State Department argued that searching these individuals’ work email records might create problems for future FOIA requests. It is hard to see how. If Clinton had not deleted several thousand of her emails, there would be no reason to look through her aides’ records. All of the pertinent emails from Abedin and the others would have already been revealed in Clinton’s own records.

The State Department has just been ordered by a federal judge to do another search for Benghazi-related Clinton-era emails. Do you support a continuing investigation into the Clinton/Benghazi matter?

As long as no one else deletes their own emails in bulk and outside the parameters of the law regarding records preservation, no future FOIA request will need to look beyond the primary target of the FOIA request to attain relevant information.


Indeed, US District Court Judge Amit Mehta, said that the Clinton email case has “a specific fact pattern unlikely to arise in the future.” These are exceptional circumstances.

It is possible Clinton and her aides also wiped their emails clean. But, history has defied Clinton in this vein before. After all, the details of this case are already clear and warrant the leveling of charges against Clinton. Now, all that’s necessary is a new spark to move our legal system towards justice.