ALERT: Pro-Hillary DNC Sued For “Ponzi Scheme”

Bernie Sanders’ donors have sued the Democratic National Committee for alleged fraud after the email leaks revealed Clinton was given favorable treatment to win the primaries.

In a Florida federal court, a class-action lawsuit is in the works to determine if the DNC is guilty of committing fraud against Bernie backers, when it claimed to be impartial during the presidential primaries as Bernie was running for the Democratic nomination. (via Breitbart)

The lawsuit was based on the leaked emails from a hack in June that revealed the DNC was working to ensure that Clinton would clinch the party’s nomination, all at the expense of Bernie Sanders’ campaign and the millions of dollars his donors supported him with.

The DNC’s favoring of Clinton over Bernie — while claiming impartialness is — being compared to a Ponzi scheme by many, including the lawyers on the case. A “Ponzi Scheme” is usually a scam in the financial world when investors are attracted to a fund because of its high return on investment, but in reality, the returns being advertised are the earlier buy-ins of other investors. A famous example was the Madoff scandal in 2008, when he defrauded investors out of $65 billion by promising steady returns on people’s investments. It’s considered the largest Ponzi Scheme ever committed.

Attorney Jared Beck, part of the firm Beck & Lee Trial Lawyers representing the Bernie backers that filed the lawsuit, was the first to compare the DNC to a Ponzi scheme. “I would think of this as a case against the ultimate political Ponzi scheme. We are used to the concept of Ponzi schemes in the investment world. In my view, the DNC is really no different: It was purporting to be ‘selling’ a fair primary process but in reality was serving as a front for the Hillary Clinton campaign. People lost well over $200 million as a result,” he said.

The lawsuit is a double-edged sword for Democrats. If they fail to dismiss the motion, it will bring a hailstorm of political and legal backlash, causing a huge embarrassment for the left. Even if they do somehow manage to get the motion dismissed, the lawsuit itself will bring a treasure trove of evidence showing various misconducts by the DNC in the primaries, while also bringing their entire questionable behavior before the public eye.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Beck revealed the two goals he hopes to accomplish with the lawsuit: “… obtaining justice for our clients through whatever legal remedies are available; and having a trial on the issues, so that the public may know the truth of what happened with respect to the 2016 nominating process.”

It will be interesting going forward to see what will happen with the case. Many Republicans expect it to be shut down and the entire matter to be swept under the rug, but some are hopeful that, at the very least, more people will become aware of the matter and start questioning the loyalty and honor the DNC has when dealing with its own party members.