BREAKING: Hillary Slips Up, Accidentally Admits Humiliating Secret

As the votes were coming in on election night, liberal media and much of the world were confident Hillary Clinton was going to win.

The polls said she would, news media thought she would, and even Clinton herself thought she would. According to Washington Free Beacon, she was so confident she’d win, she bought a home next to hers costing $1.16 million to house staff during her presidential retreats.

The home is in Chappaqua, New York it’s a three-bedroom, ranch-style home sitting right next to the Clintons’ home. When asked about why she had bought the home, Clinton stated, “Well, I know a lot about what it takes to move a president, and I thought I was going to win.”

The embarrassing purchase by Clinton is proof of the overwhelming confidence liberals had that she would win the election. According to USA Today, the majority of pollsters were overwhelmingly confident by their projections that Clinton was slated to win for several months, right up to the hour votes were being counted.

The average of all the polls by RealClearPolitics showed Hillary leading by 3 percent throughout the campaign. One of the polls more confident in Clinton’s win, the Princeton Election Consortium, claimed that Clinton had a 99 percent chance of winning the election.

An article in The New Yorker demonstrates how the media utterly believed in Clinton’s win due to polling data, forecast models and other devices used to predict elections. The claim is that many were looking to minorities to predict the election, while failing to account for the white voters.

The staff who were expected to use the home similarly believed wholeheartedly that Clinton would win, according to Business Insider. Her aides were so confident, they popped champagne in celebration of her upcoming win on the day of the election.

In addition to buying a home for her staffers, Clinton had been so confident of a win she didn’t bother to write a concession speech, according to Breitbart. The night of elections instead of planning for a potential loss she claims she laid in bed and waited for the votes to come in. “I just kind of went into the bedroom, laid down on the bed, just thought, ‘Ok, I just have to wait this out. But then midnight I decided, well, looks like it’s not going to work.’”

Later she stated she had been working on her victory speech during election day, without bothering to have something for a concession speech. “I had not drafted a concession speech. I had been working on victory speech.”

Politico reports that Clinton blames the loss of the election on Democrat hubris, saying, “I was the victim of a very broad assumption that I was going to win.”

Obviously, the house in Chappaqua isn’t going to be used by Clinton’s presidential staff, but the New York Post believes she’ll keep the home for her daughter, Chelsea. A source close to the Clintons claims it may be used as a weekend retreat for Chelsea and her family when they visit Hillary and Bill Clinton.

According to the source, “Rumor has it that the Clintons plan to use this as a mother/daughter house for Chelsea and her kids to visit on the weekends when they want to escape the city and their Flatiron digs since the Chappaqua house has a nice pool and plenty of rolling green lawn for the kids to play on.”

Whatever the home will be used for, it will no doubt stand as a stark reminder of Hillary Clinton’s hubris and the election that defied both the polls and the media.