Harriet Hageman Accused of Lying About Cheney Concession, So She Released the Voicemail

Following her crushing defeat of Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney in the state’s Republican primary, Trump-endorsed winner Harriet Hageman joined Fox News host Sean Hannity on Wednesday night.

Asked if she had received a concession from her opponent, Hageman said Cheney had left a voicemail which said only, “Hello Harriet.” The call did not contain “any kind of a concession,” she told Hannity.

Upon hearing this news, the Cheney campaign quickly sent an audio recording of her voicemail to Politico reporter Olivia Beavers, who posted the call on her Twitter page.

The audio begins with Hageman’s greeting message followed by the prompt to begin recording a message. Cheney said, “Hi Harriet. Liz Cheney calling. It’s about 8:13 on Tuesday the 16th. I’m calling to concede the election and to congratulate you on the win. Thanks. Bye, bye.”


Cheney sympathizers immediately came to her aid, chief among them was anti-Trumper Stephen Hayes.

In a hasty Twitter post, Hayes accused Hageman of being a liar. He wrote: “The lying is inveterate. It’s habitual. Say anything at all — true or untrue — so long as it wins you MAGApplause.”

Shortly afterward, Hageman’s campaign sent audio of the voicemail they had received to Beavers, which she promptly posted on Twitter. Cheney is heard saying only, “Hi Harriet.” The remainder of the recording is silence.

Beavers speculates that “technical/cell service issues” might be to blame for the flap.

Then the Cheney sympathizers had to walk back their claims, which was a beautiful thing.

Yes, technical issues could be responsible for this kerfuffle. But frankly, we can’t rule out the possibility that the audio sent to Beavers by the Cheney campaign may have been recorded after the fact. We’ll never know, and it’s certainly not worth wasting our time to find out.

But the quickness of never-Trumpers to pounce on Hageman before knowing the facts was staggering.

Following her historic loss to Hageman, the fawning coverage of Cheney by the legacy media was nauseating. They spoke of her future in politics as if she’s some oracle leading Americans to the truth.

The reality is that Cheney is a bitter woman whose obsessive hatred for former President Donald Trump has blinded her. She has lost control of her emotions. She has the charisma of a rock, and the very idea that she could give Trump a run for his money in 2024 is a testament to her self-delusion. She needs to gather up what little dignity she has left and go away!

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.