BREAKING: Sean Hannity Issues Major Threat DIRECTLY To Barack Obama

Rumors have been circulating that President Obama’s administration had secretly been conducting NSA surveillance on Donald Trump and other noteworthy conservative figures in the twilight months of his term as president.

Although many have called him out for it, none until now have been willing to match the former president in a court of law against these actions. However, FOX News host Sean Hannity is threatening to bring forth the “biggest lawsuit” he can if it turns out that he was subject to illegal NSA surveillance under Barack Obama’s administration, according to The Gateway Pundit.

The well-known voice in conservative news has said he will sue the Obama administration if it turns out he was under NSA surveillance and that his name was “unmasked,” either to members of the press or in the administration.

In his radio broadcast on August 4th, Hannity said, “I am going to sanction the biggest lawsuit that I possibly can with the biggest attorneys in the country so we can do something to stop the shredding of the Constitution.” He went on to say that he had it on “pretty good authority” that he was indeed under surveillance by the NSA.

Documents relating to NSA surveillance have been hard to come by. This is partly because Obama transferred the administration records related to the surveillance of Trump and other conservatives to his as-of-yet-unopened presidential library in Chicago. These records will not be available to the public for five years, according to FOX News.

Any American should be shocked and appalled at such a tactic. That the former president can simply stash away any and all documents that might show a violation of the law so that no one can touch them for years, after which they could very well be irrelevant, is a slap in the face to the American people. Even watchdog groups such as Judicial Watch are denied access.

With the disclosure of the names of US citizens identified through NSA surveillance being a federal crime, Hannity has the right to be mad at what could be a stunning infringement of the law.

Hannity first learned of the possibility that he might be under surveillance back in April 2017, where on his radio show he responded to reports that he could have been spied on by the Obama administration. He posted a tweet that he had “zero knowledge of any surveillance” but that nothing shocked him at this point anymore.

The Obama administration had secretly been conducting NSA surveillance on public and private figures.  As the names of those under surveillance became “unmasked” many lives were impacted. Did the NSA go too far? 

As transcribed by Breitbart, Hannity went on to say that he would “sue the living pants off of anybody who did it. I promise you that. And I will stop at nothing. And I have the means to attack this for years. And I’ll do it. I’ll do it on behalf of every American’s right to privacy and to be able to make a confidential phone call or send a text or an email to their friends and loves ones.”


“And the fact that Gen. Flynn had his whole life turned upside down because of illegal unmasking and intelligence leaking – that’s why this is so important,” he continued. “You’re next, you understand?”

Yesterday morning, Sean Hannity posted an ominously vague tweet about something looming on the horizon. What he could possibly mean is anyone’s guess at this point, but from what has been heard so far, Obama surely must be getting concerned.

If Hannity goes through with his plan, he would be taking on some of the biggest, most entrenched Democrat politicians in the country in an uphill battle. Regardless, someone has to do it, and if he does, he would more than likely have the support of conservatives all across the nation.