WATCH: Hannity Issues Emergency Plea to Americans. Please Listen.

Fox News host Sean Hannity announces that his “biggest fears” have been realized over a threat that will become the “defining issue” for the Trump presidency.

Hannity reports that North Korea has developed nuclear weapons capable of striking the continental United States. We are at a crisis point, Hannity explains, “The president tonight now faces a clear and present danger, not only for the United States but now the entire world. The world needs to take a stand tonight. We must confront this evil in our time before it’s too late.”

The North Korean nuclear program was allowed to grow aggressively due to the failures of the Obama and Clinton administrations. While serving as president, Bill Clinton forged a deal with Kim Jong-un’s dictatorial father, Kim Jong-il, that allowed North Korea to develop nuclear weapons in the first place.

Hannity explains that under the 1994 Bill Clinton appeasement deal, America agreed to dole out $4 million in energy aid to North Korea over the course of a decade with the hope that North Korea would freeze and eventually end their nuclear weapons program.

In turn, North Korea granted international inspector’s access to their nuclear facilities. However, this was meaningless since the communist country was allowed to retain their nuclear fuel rods capable of creating a massive supply of nuclear weapons. Clinton praised the agreement as “good for the American people” even though it ultimately enabled the dictators of North Korea to create a weapon capable of reaching the United States.

Of course, North Korea had no intention of fulfilling their end of the disarmament agreement. The rogue nation began testing ballistic missiles within two years of the deal and in 2006 they were conducting nuclear testing.

“Basically, the Obama administration – the Clinton administration – they ignored the problem. They kicked the can down the road. And if the deal Clinton cut with North Korea, if all of that sounds so familiar,” Hannity explained, “well it is because it is so similar to the deal Obama struck with the radical Mullahs in Iran.”

Hannity warns that Americans must learn from the past. It is essential to recognize evil in history and avoid the tragic strategies of appeasement, such as those undertaken by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain that allowed Nazi Germany to grow in power and launch their devastating and ruthless campaigns.

The defining moment of the greatest generation was signing up to fight a foreign war against the German madman Adolf Hitler. Hitler has been remembered as the most evil man in history because of his deliberate campaigns to exterminate the Jewish and other demographics considered inferior to the German race.

While many refuse to admit it, Kim Jong-un is just as evil as Adolf Hitler, but with nuclear weapons. That the despotic dictator of North Korea is murdering his own people instead of the people of neighboring nations does not lessen the humanitarian crisis.

“Evil in our time must be recognized for what it is,” Hannity said. “You cannot appease, you cannot capitulate to evil radicals and rogue dictatorships. This threat will now become a defining issue for the Trump administration,” Hannity said.

Only time will tell if this is an issue of saber-rattling or the start of something much more serious.