JUST IN: Gun Confiscation Bill Signed Into Law

All Americans believe that they’re entitled to rights that cannot be taken away regardless of the situation. A new gun bill is leaving many Americans in fear for what the future might hold.

According to Guns, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed a new bill on Wednesday that shows the first signs of what “Democrat gun control” looks like. The law, SB 719A, allows law enforcement or anyone close to a person to file a gun-stripping petition if they believe the person poses a risk to themselves or others. The petition can be filed against any law-abiding US citizen. In other words, it completely disregards an American’s right to own a gun, or to a fair trial.

The bill passed with a 17-11 vote in state Senate, and a 31-28 vote in the state House. Only one Republican signed off on this bill. If the Democrats were ever looking for a loophole to take guns, this is it.

Despite the argument that they want to help reduce the gun-related suicides in the state, it doesn’t change the fact that the judicial processes are stripped away completely.

If the person in question has an order placed against them, they are not allowed to buy or possess guns or ammunition for one year, regardless of the circumstance. It also gives law enforcement additional powers, such as seizing guns that were not surrendered upon request.

The law even carries over to stored guns. If a person’s guns are held by a gun dealer, someone can file a request against that person. If the request is approved, the guns can be retrieved without their owner’s permission because they are deemed a danger.

After a person discovers that a petition has been filed and they will be forced to give up their guns, they have 30 days to request a hearing in the hopes of keeping their guns. If no hearing request is made, the person’s guns are handed over.

This new law also closes two important “loopholes” in the state gun law. First, the state police used to have three days to hold a sale due to a background check. Now they are permitted to hold off indefinitely, with or without reason.

The second loophole bans firearm possession — or allowed confiscation — if someone is the “subject” in a restraining order. In other words, they are going out of their way to make sure they can take guns from anyone they please.

A new Oregon law allows law enforcement or anyone close to a person to file a gun-stripping petition if they believe the person poses a risk to themselves or others. Are you outraged at this attack on the 2nd Amendment?

As one can imagine, there are plenty of people outraged by this new law. The Oregon Firearms Federation strongly opposes the law. They believe that the law is put in place just to harass legal gun owners.


Kevin Starrett, the group’s director, pointed out that by delaying gun purchases indefinitely, the law would “eliminate the one small safeguard that protects a person’s right to have the means to protect themselves.”

It is a troubling bill; there is no doubt about that. Gun owners around the country need to watch Oregon carefully to see how this law is implemented and whether or not it is abused. The example set by Oregon may be followed by other states. Above all else, this law is unconstitutional and should be challenged in the Supreme Court.