BREAKING: Greta Van Susteren Breaks Her Silence, Exposes Major Media Lie

As the liberal media kicks up a dust storm of anti-Trump rhetoric, reporters who refuse to engage in the nonsense and fake news are quickly replaced.

Greta Van Susteren took to Twitter to expose a lie circulating through the media that she was fired at MSNBC over a contract issue, saying, “It was not ‘contract conflicts’. That is a fact.” Perhaps it was because she just wasn’t liberal enough for them?

Greta Van Susteren is a veteran reporter who hosted “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren” with Fox News for 15 years before moving to MSNBC. At MSNBC she hosted the “For the Record with Greta” show, beginning in January of 2017. The show was unexpectedly canceled last week after running for just six months. Greta was blindsided by the move and on Twitter simply posted, “I am out at MSNBC.

Commenting on the event, her husband John Coale said to CNNMoney, “They let her go,” and “We’re working out contract issues now.”

It seemed the matter would be swept under the rug and forgotten, but President Trump surprised everyone on July 1 when he released this post on Twitter: “Word is that Greta Van Susteren was let go by her out of control bosses at NBC & Comcast because she refused to go along w/’Trump hate!”

Trump has been a strong voice against the ‘fake news’ liberal media engages in to spread its own agenda. He recently attacked CNN for a now retracted article falsely connecting Trump’s ally Anthony Scaramucci, a Wall Street investor, with the $10 billion Russian Direct Investment Fund scandal.

His latest attack against liberal media caught the attention of Greta Van Susteren who commented, “It was not ‘contract conflicts.’ That is a fact.” The statement led to her being fired from MSNBC.

It seems the major news network fired Susteren for not taking a hard enough stance against Trump on her show. Many believe Susteren’s stories and reporting — while perhaps leaning a little to the right — are fair-minded, and it’s caused problems with finding an audience at the liberal MSNBC.

Susteren leaving MSNBC comes at a time when other reporters discovered their ratings improved the more they pushed an anti-Trump agenda, in keeping with the overall tone of the network itself.

MSNBC was quick to replace Susteren with someone that will likely take up the call to attack Trump: Ari Melber. Melber is the legal correspondent for MSNBC and has appeared a number of times in political shows on the network. He is known for his strong anti-Trump stance.

In an interview with Politico, he criticized the president for a perceived lack of progress in office, saying, “At this point, President Trump is not achieving his own goals, from curbing Obamacare and Wall Street power to enacting a travel ban that stands up in court. So he faces the risk that his first year will become a debate about why he couldn’t get things done, rather than a [sic] debate the things he’s trying to do.”

Its unfortunate that reporters who refuse to engage in fake news and constant anti-Trump rhetoric are being punished. As the liberal media cashes in on the anti-Trump and ‘Russiagate’ obsession dominating the news networks, honest, hardworking reporters are getting sidelined by liberal cronies willing to engage in fake news for profit.

Greta van Susteren was the last remaining non-partisan reporter to be hired by a liberal news network. Now that she is out, Fox News is the last bastion of conservative and non-partisan reporters, making the political divide in America even more definitive.