Greg Gutfeld Goes Viral for Second Defense of Tucker Amid Leaked Clips

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld is going viral after firing off a social media comment in defense of his ousted former colleague Tucker Carlson after clips of Carlson’s off-camera banter were revealed.

Last week, the left-wing website Media Matters for America began publishing behind-the-scenes videos of Carlson during his time on Fox News and labeling them as “FOXLEAKS” across social media.

In one, Carlson complains about the layout of the Fox Nation website. In another, he banters with his makeup artist, asking if “pillow fights” break out in the women’s restroom.

Gutfeld said that leakers should be ashamed they have to stoop so low.

“imagine having to tell your parents that your job is narcing on the casual comments of other people while they, happily unaware, make a living. Your parents would be so embarrassed and ashamed they’d rather tell their friends you died in a fire,” he posted on Twitter.

As of Sunday morning Eastern Time, the post had 3.3 million views.

It was the second time Gutfeld had risen to Carlson’s defense. Gutfeld, a co-host on “The Five” in the afternoon as well as the host of his own “Gutfeld!” late-night show, had earlier chided Media Matters for leaking the on-set conversations that were not broadcast.

“apparently everyone understands nonsense banter between segments except for hall monitor failures bitterly chronicling the lives of the far more successful,” he posted on Twitter.

Some have suggested there is collusion between Fox and Media Matters to tarnish Carlson.

“Fox News teaming up with Media Matters to smear Tucker Carlson is one of the slimiest betrayals I’ve ever seen,” commentator Matt Walsh tweeted.


Commentator Mike Davis was not persuaded.

Considering the ideology of Media Matters and the conservative slant of Fox News, it seemed more than far-fetched, he wrote in a Twitter post.

“The idea that Fox is (somehow) colluding with its mortal enemy to trash Tucker is truly a tin-foil hat, utterly stupid conspiracy theory,” he wrote.

According to a report in The New York Times, Carlson is hoping to get back on the air soon.


However, because his contract with Fox News does not expire until 2025, that will be a subject of negotiations between Carson and Fox,

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.