WATCH: Green Bay Coach Gives Kaepernick Awful News, It’s Epic

The NFL anthem kneeling controversy is turning many fans away from the sport. It is also having a severe impact on the coaches and the players who are focused on doing just that — playing the game.

One such example comes from the Green Bay Packers. Head coach for the Packers, Mike McCarthy, was asked if he would be interested in signing Kaepernick for a backup quarterback job. McCarthy snapped at the reporter, “Did you just listen to the question I just answered? OK, I got three years invested in Brett Hundley, two years invested in Joe Callahan. The quarterback room is exactly where it needs to be.” 

This is the sort of answer we’ve heard from multiple NFL teams when asked if they would be interested in picking up Kaepernick. There are multiple reasons for their decisions, and all of them can be justified.

Kaepernick is not an all-star quarterback. He played for the San Francisco 49ers before he parted ways with the team. His performances there were not all bad, and he did participate in some high-level games, though his career was marred with inconsistency, and quality results were not something the league felt they could bet on in Kaepernick’s case.

Kaepernick’s stats are not something that teams are impressed by, especially when there are so many other decent quarterbacks available. These teams want nothing to do with him.

Kaepernick walked out on his last contract because people disagreed with the way he was protesting. The NFL is no different than any other business — if you quit the job, you are going to have a hard time getting hired at another leg of the company.

Instead of merely quitting the job, he quit the job in the most dramatic, attention-seeking way possible. There is baggage tied to his name that no team wants any part of.

Instead of acknowledging that he has made mistakes and has worked toward improving, Kaepernick is still stuck in the same exact mindset that landed him in trouble in the first place.

Colin Kaepernick is not entitled to a job. No one in this country is entitled to a job. If you want to work somewhere, you must act like a professional, show that you a have a valuable skill set, and earn your place at the job you want — it isn’t just handed to you.

Teams are still ignoring Kaepernick. Are they right to do so?

Kaepernick is not able to grasp that concept. The league is not obligated to hire him, and this seems to strike a chord with the former 49ers quarterback.

Until Kaepernick is willing to admit that he has made mistakes and is ready to move past those mistakes, there isn’t going to be a single team willing to sign him. He is too much of a liability at this point. Kaepernick acts like he is entitled to a job wherever he goes. That behavior would never fly in the “real world.”