ALERT: Trey Gowdy Gives Comey Bad News, Exposes Him Publicly

It seems that in light of recent revelations concerning Comey’s history with the Clintons, the former FBI Director is getting some especially bad news.

US Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) said on Thursday that he is demanding Comey testify before Congress again, since he almost certainly LIED the first time he testified before them. Even worse for Comey, Gowdy now has proof that the former FBI Director ran a fake investigation and planned to exonerate Hillary Clinton from the beginning, according to The Daily Caller.

Gowdy went on to suggest there is “sufficient factual basis” to investigate why Comey didn’t charge Clinton before interviewing key witnesses.

“There is sufficient factual basis to bring him in and ask him, ‘When did you make up your mind that you weren’t going to charge Secretary Clinton?’ I can tell you because I’ve seen with my own eyes that he made up his mind before he interviewed her,” he said. “How far back, whether it was two weeks or two months, quite frankly is immaterial to me. He did it before he interviewed the last witness.”

Gowdy’s suggestion that Comey already made up his mind whether or not to prosecute Hillary Clinton has a hefty weight of evidence behind it already. In addition to the revelation that Comey was drafting an exoneration letter for the Secretary of State before even interviewing her (something that Senators said is “no way to run an investigation”), he also has a history of covering up for the Clinton family’s misdeeds.

There were cases in which Comey was working in league with the Clintons all the way back to the 1990s. For example, one noticeable instance was the case of four men who swindled millions from government funds, but because their community voted overwhelmingly for his wife’s election, Bill Clinton gave them a pardon. Comey would proceed to close this investigation, providing no justification for his actions.

Gowdy continued, saying that “if there’s anything that’s axiomatic in investigations it’s that you don’t make up your mind until you interview the last witness. It is beyond dispute that he made up his mind not to charge Secretary Clinton before he interviewed her.”

“There’s no question about that. What my friends in the Senate have uncovered is he may well have made up his mind before he interviewed the last dozen witnesses,” he added.

However, the representative did say that considering the seriousness of alleging a criminal violation, he felt it was most appropriate that Jeff Sessions and the Justice Department should be the ones who made the call regarding Comey.

Trey Gowdy has more questions for Comey about new revelations. Is it time for Comey to testify again?

“How in the world my fellow citizens can have confidence in an investigation where you reached a conclusion before you even gather all the facts and all the evidence is stunning,” he concluded.

One potential answer to this quandary might lie in the mainstream media’s depiction of the situation, which has largely refused to cover the Comey matter with proper unbiased reporting. They’ve treated Mueller, the special prosecutor investigating this situation, with the same rose-tinted coverage, unwilling to bring up the questionable issues surrounding his supposed impartiality.

The ball is in Trump’s court and many people agree that the best decision his administration could make is having Comey testify before Congress again– hopefully to tell the truth this time.