GOP Senator Just Got Horrific News After Sabotaging Obamacare Repeal

The left kept touting the popularity of Obamacare. As it turns out, their claims might not be as true as they think.

The GOP won big in last year’s election largely because of the fact that they continually promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act. As you already know, the Republican-dominated Senate was not able able to get enough votes to repeal and replace the law. Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) was one of the lawmakers who voted against repealing Obamacare, and according to Townhall, it appears as if she might be suffering politically because of it.

The poll states, “60 percent of respondents said that they were less likely to vote for Collins in a primary due to her vote on Obamacare repeal, and 62 percent of respondents said that they disapproved of her job in the Senate.”

Up to this point, Senator Collins has enjoyed a high level of support in the state of Maine. Her popularity got her reelected in 2014 by a 37-point margin.

Her moderate stances on certain issues have not made her popular on a national scale, but the people of Maine seemed to hold her in high regard. The results of this poll might be an indicator that her popularity is waning — and her refusal to vote for the repeal might be one of the primary reasons.

While Collins has criticized the Affordable Care Act in the past, she has never cast a vote against it. In 2015, when Republicans voted to repeal the law, she voted against the GOP’s initiative. The bill was later vetoed by President Barack Obama.

Senator Collins won’t be up for reelection until 2020, so attitudes could change before she seeks another term. However, some believe she might have her sights set on the governorship of Maine. She ran for governor in 1994, but lost. This new poll casts doubt on whether or not she could win a gubernatorial election.

There is a chance that the poll might not be 100% accurate. The organization who funded the study has not revealed themselves.

It is possible that the funders could be a Democratic organization that wants to eliminate the more popular Republican candidates. As stated previously, it’s still early. Much could change between now and 2020.

Either way, the poll does show that Republican voters expect their politicians to come through on their promises. If the GOP continues to fail in their attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act, dissatisfaction in the party will only increase. This could cause much trouble for lawmakers who campaigned on the promise of getting rid of Obamacare.

If the GOP wishes to retain their majority in Congress, they need to put their differences aside and figure out a viable way to repeal or replace Obamacare — their political careers depend on it.

The president must be willing to be more involved in the process. Simply criticizing members of Congress over Twitter will not be enough to get the job done. It is time for both Congress and the Trump administration to get something done on this issue.