Gone With The Wind BANNED

Gone with the Wind is an entertaining romance set in an intriguing era of American history, right?

Apparently not to all. The Orpheum Theatre in Memphis has cancelled their traditional showing of the film and issued the following statement, “As an organization whose stated mission is to ‘entertain, educate and enlighten the communities it serves’, the Orpheum cannot show a film that is insensitive to a large segment of its local population,” as reported by WREG Memphis.

The Orpheum Theatre says that viewership response to their last showing of Gone with the Wind has convinced them not to show the film again, though they have been showing it for decades. Specific patrons apparently inquired into whether the theater would continue to show the film.

The local news, WREG Memphis, has covered the story, adding the fact that Memphis is 64 percent African American, as if that explains anything. Last year, when Memphis was still roughly 64 percent African American, the theatre continued to show Gone with the Wind. It’s sad the local news would try to pin their decision on racial issues.

This classic, beautiful film is far from offensive to everyone who sees it. It takes a special kind of liberal to not only be offended by this film, but to try and erase it from history.

The truth is, Gone with the Wind actually advanced civil rights. Hattie McDaniel, who played a servant in the film, was the first black actress to win an Academy Award. The film contributed to the push for equal rights and respect for African Americans.

It’s an “offend me please” contemporary attitude, like the one put forth by Barbara Tepa Lupack’s 2002 academic book, that allows one to view the film as one that glorifies slavery. Maybe nobody would have noticed Lupa’s opinion, as few people read scholars these days, if it weren’t for the fact that the Orpheum Theatre just let a leftist academic onto their board of directors.

According to Broadway World, the theatre’s four new board members include Dr. Noelle Chaddock, who has served universities as an associate dean of academic affairs for diversity and inclusivity, and as a chief diversity officer. Chaddock’s bio snippet proudly says she “is committed to creating space for institutional conversations in the private and public spheres around diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice.”

Unfortunately, “conversations” too often means “shutting down people I disagree with” when you’re an academic leftist. That’s not to say there’s proof that Chaddock is behind the banning of Gone with the Wind. It’s just clear that leftist academic ignorance has infiltrated the top ranks of the Orpheum Theatre. Who knows how many patrons are trying to push for “diversity” by cancelling Gone with the Wind — is nothing safe from the left’s politically-correct warpath?

One theater will not show Gone With the Wind. What if we banned all films that offended any group? 

The Memphis Orpheum Theatre’s other board members have hopefully learned their lesson. The theatre has had to remove their Facebook post explaining why they are cancelling Gone with Wind due to overwhelming negative feedback.

On the other hand, a Facebook post the Orpheum Theatre released only two weeks before they were supposed to show Gone with the Wind, promoting the screening, garnered almost 500 positive reactions and excited comments — and not a single “angry” reaction.

It seems the community that the theater claims was “offended” by Gone with the Wind is actually rather attached to the classic film. It seems the group who was actually offended by it are employed by the theater. Sad.